Brawl Stars: Chester guide, builds, and skins

Brawl Stars: Chester guide, builds, and skins

Chester is a real jester, but do you know how to use him properly? Here is all you need to know about this brawler.

The more I play Brawl Stars, the more my goal becomes clear: To unlock all the characters. It’s not even about fighting anymore, it’s just another series of collectibles to obtain. While I’m not always able to keep up with the current season, both free and premium, the news is always there to let me know if any new Brawlers have been added. Whenever they are put in, they’re usually a higher rank to make you want them, but luckily you can test them out for free in the Training and Practice Modes. One such Brawler who I’m getting more and more curious about is the Legendary-rank Chester.

As part of the royalty theme, Chester is a Court Jester who seems to be unpredictable. He has a very energetic and wacky attitude but that just makes him a tricky opponent. Using a variety of tricks and candy, Chester has a pretty big arsenal. Since he’s a Legendary, you’ll need to unlock him by making your way along Starr Road. If you’re impatient, you can also purchase him for around 699 Gems at the time of writing. Make sure you get some practice in so you can get a handle on his randomness.

Chester’s Controls

Brawl Stars: Chester posing

Much like an actual jester, Chester resorts to using a bag of tricks when it comes to battle. In terms of physical stats, he has average health but fast speed, making him very mobile. His attacks aren’t the strongest, but he makes up for it with variety. His first shot throws one ball, his second two, and his third three in a spread and with a decent range. This makes him a very adaptable fighter, but his Supers can be a bit harder to master. He randomly cycles through one of five which alternates between long-range projectiles, AoE traps, and even a healing ability. You just need to adapt based on whichever Super pops up so that it’s not wasted.

Chester’s Builds

Artwork of Chester jumping over something

Like other Brawlers, Chester has access to a Gadget, Star Power, and two Gear slots. Use them wisely to make the most of his bag of tricks.

For the Gadget slot, Chester has Spicy Dice and Candy Beans. For a more reliable and passive boost, go with the latter which will grant Chester a random buff for five seconds when used. If you like to take chances, the Spicy Dice will randomize his current Super on command.

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For his Star Power, Chester can choose between Bell’O’Mania and Sneak Peak. To improve his control, you should consider Sneak Peek as that way you will always know which Super is coming up next and can plan accordingly. The Bell’O’Mania Star power adds a four-projectile shot to Chester’s regular attack rotation which is useful for raising his coverage and attack damage.

For the Gear slots, Chester can equip boosters to Speed, Health, Shield, Vision, or Damage. Combining Speed ​​with Vision will let Chester move 20 percent faster in bushes while letting him track damaged targets for up to two seconds after hitting them. This will let Chester become a solid chaser Brawler.

Chester’s Skins

New skin - Dark Chester

As another relatively new Brawler, Chester doesn’t have much variety in terms of his wardrobe. He only has one alternate skin called Dark Chester. A mix of blue and black with blank eyes and a creepy smile, this skin is a scary option. It’s much less colorful, which may help with blending in certain arenas, but you’ll need to unlock it from the season or the shop first.

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