Brawl Stars: Mandy guide, builds, and skins

Brawl Stars: Mandy guide, builds, and skins

Each Brawler has their own strengths and weaknesses, but their defining characteristics are its primary and super attacks. The game goes through seasons with things like resources, Brawlers, and skins being unlocked the more you play and new elements being introduced all the time. Among the newcomers is Mandy from Candyland.

Appearing to be royalty, Mandy is a candy-themed Brawler with magical attacks. She has a relatively small hitbox compared to other characters. She’s definitely not too complex in terms of controls, but it’s worth getting some in to get a feel for her power. You can test her skills by picking her in the Brawler menu. If you decide to make Mandy your main, you can unlock her in one of three ways: Activating the Brawler Pass and then earning your way to her spot in the season, spending 1500 Chroma Points or about 360 Gems.

Mandy’s Controls


Mandy is a long-range fighter focusing on precision. Her magic wand shoots out energy bursts that travel in a straight line. Her super allows her to charge up a huge magical burst that has greater coverage, and seemingly infinite range and will pierce through enemies and objects. It also does little more than twice the damage of her regular attack. Mandy’s main drawback is her health, having a below-average max. As such, you’ll want to pick up Health boosters as quickly as possible once the match starts and avoid getting into fights with multiple opponents.

Mandy’s Builds

Brawl Stars Mandy leaning against the scepter

In addition to being able to level up Brawlers using Coins and Power Points, you can also equip them with several modifiers: A Gadget, a Star Power, and two pieces of Gear. Based on what you give Mandy, you can make her quite adaptable.

In her Gadget slot, she has a choice between Caramelize and Cookie Crumbs. They both apply effects to every other shot Mandy takes. For a precision boost, you should take the former as it will slow down targets for about 2.5 seconds allowing you to get more shots in. For crowd control, you should choose the latter, allowing Mandy’s shots to pierce through targets and objects as far as it travels.

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In her Star Power slot, Mandy has In My Sights and hard candy. To improve survivability, take the latter as it will give Mandy 20 percent Shielding whenever she’s aiming. To raise efficiency, take the former to boost Mandy’s projectile speed by 20 percent while aiming.

For the two Gear slots, Mandy has a choice of five: Speed, Vision, Health, Shieldand damage. To make up for Mandy’s drawbacks, you should consider a combination of the last three. Her Health Gear will allow Mandy to heal 50 percent more effectively while the Shield Gear gives 600 points of Shielding that regenerates after 10 seconds when Mandy is at full health. If you’re a more offensive player, the Damage Gear will raise attack power by 15 percent when your health drops below 50 percent. Combined with the Health Gear, you make the most of this power.

Mandy’s Skins

Mandy's skin - Magma Mandy

Since Mandy is still a relatively new character, she doesn’t have as much aesthetic variety as the other Brawlers. Her only alternative skin is called Magma Mandy, giving her an overall darker look with glowing fiery accents. To get it, you’ll need to earn it when it appears as a season reward or you’ll need to get it from the shop when it becomes available.

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