Brigitte Is Finally Getting the Rework She Deserves in Overwatch 2 Season 4

Brigitte's design in Overwatch 2


Rally just received a huge upgrade.

Ever since the release of Overwatch 2, Brigitte has been struggling. With the removal of stuns from most heroes in the game, Brig lost a core part of her Shield Bash ability, which made her a great Support pick for helping protect your team against dive heroes such as Genji, Doomfist, and Tracer. While she was once a monster who dominated the Ranks of Competitive Play through the iconic GOATS team composition, her journey in Overwatch 2 has been an uphill battle, with Brig mains around the world begging Blizzard to rework her into a better functioning Support hero to balance out the nerves to her kit.

Thankfully, shortly after celebrating her five-year anniversary in the game, Brigitte is finally set to receive a rework to her hero kit with the upcoming hero balance patch arriving in Overwatch 2’s Season 4 on April 11, 2023.

The majority of Brig’s kit is set to stay the same, with the rework taking over her Ultimate ability, Rally, and transforming it into something new. Here’s a complete breakdown of the new Rally, posted on the official Overwatch 2 Twitter account:

This Rally is quite an impressive change, removing the temporary health that her current build gives allies on use. Instead, all teammates in the AOE of Rally, upon being activated, will receive 100 restorable armor. Rally’s extra movement speed is now reduced from 30% to 15%, and Brigitte’s small shield transforms into a much more significant, bulkier barrier when activated. This size appears comparable to most Tank Hero shields and looks as if it can provide cover for up to three of your allies at a time.

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Most importantly, though, is that this massive shield brings back Brigitte’s stun. That’s right; you can shield bash with this absolute monster to stun multiple opponents simultaneously. This makes Brig’s new rally quite a strong defensive Ult and allows it to be quite versatile in defending an area of ​​the map or enemy Ultimates.

With these changes taking place on Season 4’s launch, Brig can hop back into the game as a valuable pick for her team. Gone are the days of her being labeled ‘the worst character in Overwatch 2’, and welcomed to the roster is a reborn Brigitte Lindholm, honoring her fan-made nickname of ‘mini tank’ with an Ultimate that genuinely reflects this nature. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how the new Brig handles herself in-game, which makes counting down the days to the April 11 launch much more exciting.

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