Bugsnax, the PS5 launch title from a few years back, will release for iOS later this year

Bugsnax, the PS5 launch title from a few years back, will release for iOS later this year

The oddball adventure/puzzle game Bugsnax, which was originally a PS5 launch title that eventually made its way to other platforms, has announced that it will soon make its way to mobile later this year. This cute, child-friendly game sees you embark on an adventure upon a charming island full of creatures that are a mix between bugs and snacks, hence the name.

Bugsnax was a quiet success when it first launched, as people generally didn’t expect much from it aside from a small and charming little indie adventure game. Fortunately, Bugsnax actually found its footing once it did come out, as gamers soon learned that this was a delightful little romp through a whimsical and friendly world. From great characters that you do end up growing a bit attached to, to funny and adorable little creatures for you to interact with, there was a lot to dig about this one.


However, given the woes of actually getting a PS5 back then, not a ton of people got to experience Bugsnax in all its glory. Even to this day, it’s not exactly easy to drop 400-500 dollars on a video game console. Fortunately for those of you without a gaming console, Bugsnax’s developer, Young Horses, is now looking to bring the game right to your pockets.

It may sound impossible for a game that was developed with the powerful PS5 in mind to receive a good mobile port, but it is being re-developed from the ground up to be a smooth and beautiful experience either way. The controls will surely be redone, though I’d venture to say it will also likely include gamepad support, so this shouldn’t be a shoddy port by any means.

So, if you’re looking for a nice casual adventure game experience with endearing characters and cutesy designs, Bugsnax should be right up your alley. You can see for yourself when it launches for iOS later this Summer!

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