Bungie’s Bringing Down the Ban Hammer on Destiny 2 Boosters

Destiny 2 Lightfall


Goodbye boosters.

There’s no question that Destiny 2 can be a challenging and time-consuming game. From countless hours spent grinding Lost Sectors for a piece of exotic armor, to farming Dungeons for a God-rolled weapon, it can really be a tedious process. Because of this, some players may feel that they need a bit of help to get through a certain piece of content – ​​or to find that perfect gun. Unfortunately, these players often turn to boosters who do their playing for them. However, it was recently revealed in a Tweet from the Destiny 2 Team that Bungie is bringing down the ban hammer on Destiny 2 boosters.

As revealed in the comments of the Tweet, a number of players who were banned are claiming they were mistakenly banned and have not been account sharing. Whether this is true or not remains unknown; however one thing is certain – Bungie is cracking down on account sharing – right before the new raid drops.

As a word of caution for Guardians – there are ways to get help for hard content without using a booster. Destiny 2 has a Looking For Group tool, and there are Sherpas who will help new players and guide them through raids.

Boosters have always been an issue in games such as Destiny 2. By providing their account recovery services, boosters can help to clear difficult content or farm for items. However, players should know this is clearly against Bungie’s terms of service – and any player who participated in account sharing can be banned for doing so.

While it remains unknown exactly how many accounts were banned or how many more will follow – players should keep their passwords to themselves and play their own accounts. Those who choose not to follow this rule will be able to look forward to getting hit with the ban hammer from Bungie.

For players who are looking for help through the tough content – ​​check out our guides and get the assistance you need to tackle any content in Destiny 2 and become the ultimate Guardian.

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