Call of Dragons Guide: 5 Tips to help you get started in Farlight Games’ massive fantasy MMO

Call of Dragons has released a new trailer featuring unit types and terrains

Call of Dragons is a truly colossal game that encompasses many genres (MMO, RTS, basebuilder to name a few) so there are a lot of things you need to be aware of if you want to progress. If you love the look of this epic fantasy but find the magnitude of its gameplay a bit daunting, you can put the following tips to use to get up and running.

Upgrade your settlement

The rate at which you progress in Call of Dragons goes hand in hand with how quickly you can upgrade your settlement; therefore it’s essential to acquire the Second builder perk as soon as possible. This perk will cost 3000 gems – a sum you can easily recoup – and will allow you to construct two buildings at the same time.
Now that you’re building in double-quick time, your priority should be to level up your Hall of Order. This building will increase your maximum legion capacity, allowing you to recruit more troops. Level 11 is a good target to aim for as this will grant you a third legion queue. Extra queues – CoD jargon for sets of troops – means you’ll be able to send out more parties and gather more resources. Your ultimate gold should be achieving level 22 as quickly as possible as this will enable 5 legion queues. Always pay attention to the level requirements needed to upgrade your Hall of Order and prioritize your other buildings accordingly.
The next most important building to level up is your College of Order. Leveling up this building as soon as you can means that any research you conduct will immediately be faster by a given percentage.

Prioritize research

Research is one of the most essential things you can do to progress in Call of Dragons and you should never spend a moment without researching something. The reason? Every facet of management you can think of, from resource gathering to troop effectiveness, will improve when you discover new technology through research.

There are two different branches of technology: economic and military. Your main focus in the early stages of the game should be on economic technology, especially Architecture and Scholarship. Researching Architecture will provide a 15% increase in building speed and, when starting out in Call of Dragons, speed really is the key to progressing. Researching Scholarship will lead to a 10% increase in research speed, which makes all research faster. You can expedite the rate of your research even further by purchasing the perk Second research queue, which will effectively double your research speed (read the Increase your VIP section to find out how to do this).

When you start researching military technology, you should only increase tiers that are necessary as requirements for completing tasks. There is no point in maxing out your military tech early as you won’t encounter any overmatched opponents in the beginning stages of the game; the exception to this might be when fighting against other players, however we would strongly advise avoiding PvP battles as a rule as it will cost you too many troops and resources.

Avoid these mistakes

Besides unnecessarily engaging in PvP battles, there are two other early mistakes you might make which will ultimately cost you time and resources.

The first easy mistake to avoid is upgrading low-tier troops. Quantity instead of quality should be your mantra(at least until you unlock tier 4 troops). You will need as many troops as possible to expand so it’s a lot more beneficial just to train higher tier troops normally rather than upgrade lower tier troops to the same level.

This same principle applies to your heroes; or more specifically, to your secondary heroes. Having a healthy roster of heroes is definitely a boon to your civilisation, but your priority should be placed squarely on upgrading your primary hero only, as this is the only one that will have access to their talent tree. As your secondary heroes won’t have access, and therefore can’t fulfill their maximum potential, you’ll want to only use experience books on primary heroes.

Lastly, do not worry about researching every available option concerning economic technology; this applies particularly to resource gathering boosts like gold mining. The reason for this is that a lot of these technology buffs can be earned by scouting different regions on the map and discovering new locations.

Increase your VIP

Increasing your VIP should be one of your number one priorities. By heading to the bazaar and clicking on the shield icon, you’ll open up the Honorary Membership menu where you can increase your VIP in exchange for gems. There are a number of perks that you’ll receive for increasing your VIP, mostly concerning your resource gathering and production speed, but the one you’ll want most is the Secondary research queue perk, which you’ll receive at VIP level 8. As mentioned in the research section above, this secondary queue means that you’ll be able to double the rate at which you research technology.

Join an alliance

Joining an alliance as soon as you can will provide a host of benefits that you can reap right away. First and foremost, you’ll be afforded protection from other alliance members which means you won’t lose as many troops defending yourself, and you won’t have to spend more resources than you have to replace them. The other main benefits are stat boosts, such as reduced building and research time, and free resources received from alliance donations. Just make sure to do your fair share of donating to increase your presence in the alliance to avoid getting kicked out. Another perk is that when an alliance member purchases an item from the in-game shop, you will get a chest that contains free items. And as the saying goes “the best things in life are free”.

If you’re yet to experience this immersive MMOSLG for yourself and would like to put the above tips to the test, then you can find Call of Dragons available to download right now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also find more details about the game via the official website.

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