Can You Play Skate 3 on PS5?

Can You Play Skate 3 on PS5?

Skate 3 is a beloved skateboarding sim from the PS3 & Xbox 360 generation. There are plenty of games from that era that are available on modern systems, but there are many caveats surrounding them due to Sony and Microsoft’s different takes on backward compatibility.

The fans of the Skate series have waited a long time for a new entry, as Skate 4 (confusingly called Skate) still lacks a release date. While a new Skate is on the way and has a list of platforms, fans must rely on the older games in the series to get their fix for challenging skateboard sim action. The first three games were available on PS3 and Xbox 360, but how about the new consoles released by Sony and Microsoft?

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Is Skate 3 Available On PS5?

Unfortunately for fans of old-school skating games, Skate 3 isn’t available on the PS5.

This is due to the PS5 lacking backward compatibility with the PS3, being unable to play PS3 discs, nor allowing you to download/play games from its digital storefront. The only way to play PS3 games on PS5 is if they’re available via streaming through PlayStation Plus Premium, and Skate 3 is currently not on the service.

There is a way to play Skate 3 on modern consoles, but it’s not on Sony machines. Skate 3 is available on Xbox Series X/S, as the system has backward compatibility with many Xbox 360 games. It’s also possible to download it via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as it’s available via EA Play and can even be streamed directly to your console.

While the PS5 has access to EA Play, Skate 3 is unavailable on EA Play on PS5. This means there are no workarounds for loading the game on the system. This means that the Xbox Series X/S is the only way to play the game, as there is no official Skate 3 port on PC on PS5, and the only way to play it on PC is through illegal emulation methods.

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All isn’t lost for Skate 3 on PS5, as there’s still a possibility that it will come to PlayStation Plus Premium in the future, though you’ll need a decent & stable Internet speed to run it. There’s also a chance it could be remastered at some point, but until then, there’s no way to play Skate 3 on PS5.

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