Can you rebind movement keys in Diablo IV?

Can you rebind movement keys in Diablo IV?

With the imminent release of Diablo IV comes a swathe of very important questions. Will it be available on Mac? Is it coming to Game Pass? Can you finally rebind the movement keys in Diablo IV?

Anyone who has played the previous versions of the game will probably understand the frustration that comes with having attack and move bound to the same mouse click. It simply isn’t always the most intuitive setup. Sometimes you just want to move around your home base without blasting a blacksmith in the face with your heavy attack. But for those wondering, your prayers have been answered.

Diablo IV – Is there a way to rebind movement keys?

Can you rebind movement keys in Diablo 4 Diablo IV

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According to Blizzard, yes, you can rebind movement keys in Diablo IV. Now, with the ability to rebind, it is possible to move with more precision. You can also attack where you want rather than just flying around the map. Previously, there was a real frustration among players in which, rather than moving, the character would just start blasting. With the new option to rebind, not only can you decide to move through hordes of enemies, which there will be, but you can also pick out select enemies to kill.

With ranged characters, it was always annoying having to move or attack at range. Sometimes, when clicking a spot to move to — behind cover, for instance — an enemy would cause the move to become an attack. Now, expert precision can be used to move tactically around the map and pick off select enemies.

I’m sure that with the latest release of the Diablo franchise, we will see many more improvements. It has been noted that the whole inventory system is due for an upgrade. With things like region-specific gear and all the rest, it’s going to be very necessary. Only once the Open Beta releases will we know the full extent of Blizzards’ improvements along with being able to rebind movement keys in Diablo IV.

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