Capcom Drops a Resident Evil 4 Text-Based Prequel ‘Baby Eagle Is Missing’

Baby Eagle Is Missing Is a Resident Evil 4 Text-Based Prequel


Time to get to work, handler, there’s a kidnapping to solve.

With three weeks to go until the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake, it seems Capcom isn’t just sitting back and resting in the meantime. A new text-based ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has dropped called Baby Eagle is Missing, which is a very obvious code phrase referring to the kidnapping of the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham.

As Resident Evil 4 sometime after her kidnapping, this is the first time there’s actually been some detailed backstory on how it all starts went down, as that’s a pretty high-profile crime to pull off.

The post on the Resident Evil 4 Reddit by SpecialAgentGreene says:

We need every able body available on this. We are moving every available asset to assist, including all Handlers and Analysts with digital intel experience.

We need you working on this immediately. Whoever did this may want to leave the country, so you’ll be assigned to analyze evidence and advise our agents as to their next moves. Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on to catch up to her before it’s too late

The post then leads to the Baby Eagle is Missing website for the player, serving the role of a rookie handler, to begin.

As should be expected, the production quality is pretty amazing, and players will get to play a detective with related files and evidence. The game opens with information on tire treads and how the vehicle that did the job got away. Interestingly, this does start with the confirmation that she was kidnapped, but the agents maintain the euphemism of “missing” throughout the ARG.

There’s no telling how long this ARG will be live, so if you want to take part, now’s the best time. Players will presumably be working to figure out the location Leon S. Kennedy will infiltrate at the start of the game.

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