Capcom warns Resident Evil 4 remake players of a critical progress bug

Capcom Warns Resident Evil 4 Remake Players Of Critical Progress Bug Leon

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Resident Evil 4 remake recently released as Capcom’s latest remake of the classic resident Evil titles. Glitches and bugs are commonplace in video games nowadays, and this action horror game is no exception. One bug in particular stood out as hindering the game’s progress, which can be detrimental if you rarely save your game. Capcom today has warns Resident Evil 4 remake players of this critical progress bug, and explains how to avoid it.

New Resident Evil 4 remake bug is critical against progress

While glitches may be funny at times, they can also hinder your progress through the main quest of a game. Capcom today pointed out one of these bugs in a Twitter post on resident Evil‘s Twitter account. It warns players of this critical progress bug at the beginning of Chapter 12.

While Capcom states that this warning may contain spoilers, it’s vague enough to warn players who want a blind playthrough. The warning explains that after the cutscene at the start of Chapter 12, there is a chance you can lose a key item. In Resident Evil 4 remake, key items are items that every player will have at some point that helps progress the main quest.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid this bug. Capcom urges players to refrain from using the knife to attack after the cutscene. That is, until you receive the notification for obtaining the key item. Make sure you have the key item in your attached case before you do any knife slashing.

Capcom Warns Resident Evil 4 Remake Players Of Critical Progress Bug

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Capcom also states that it intends to patch this bug in the game’s next update. Not only that but players with saves affected by this glitch were promised that the issue would resolve for them. Many players in the Tweet’s replies are also chiming in with their own experiences with glitches and bugs during their playthroughs.

Even though Capcom is warning players of Resident Evil 4 remake of this critical progress bug, this also teaches a valuable lesson. Make sure to save your game often, and even keep multiple save files!

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