Capcom’s Exoprimal gets a PC release date for July, Open Beta begins March 17

Exo Primal Open Beta Feature

Pop culture can probably pin its fascination of dinosaurs living in the modern world on the classic film Jurassic Park. It pitted humans against gigantic prehistoric creatures and how ineffective military-grade weapons were against those beasts. To tear into a T-Rex, you’ll need some heavier, futuristic firepower. That’s exactly what Capcom is building with its cybernetic-infused shooter, Exoprimal. If you’ve got an itchy trigger finger that can only be soothed by that of raptor blood, an upcoming Exoprimal open beta is coming on March 17 ahead of its July 15 release date.

Out of all the dino-themed games on the market and in production, Capcom is banking on a more cybernetic feel to its third-person multiplayer shooter. During a recent Capcom Spotlight digital event held on March 9, more details, including the Exoprimal open beta and release date, were showcased during the presentation.

Test your Exosuit in Exoprimal‘s open beta

Exoprimal differs from other survival dino games, focusing less on realism and more so on the use of Exosuits to power up its human protagonists. But they won’t be so overpowered when it comes to the kettle of raptors running 50 deep. Additionally, Neosaurs are “mutated dinosaurs with unusual appearances and abilities.” A 12-foot tyrannosaurus turns into a goo-spewing, thrashing maniac with the introduction of these mutations, and will definitely players on their toes.

Exo Primal Tyrannosaurus

Image via Capcom

Exoprimal release date and open beta

Exoprimal will release on July 17. You can pre-purchase the standard and deluxe versions of the game on Steam if you’re interested in doing so. The standard edition will run you $59.99 USD while the deluxe version retails for $69.99. The $10 USD upsell does include a list of extras, including early unlock tickets for Exosuits, skins, and more. Players will get a bonus premium tier season pass with their Deluxe Edition purchase, unlocking skins, decals, and emotes. The deluxe edition can be purchased any time during the first season of its run.

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