Cardfight Vanguard Zero, the anime PvP card battler, is set to end service later this year

Cardfight Vanguard Zero, the anime PvP card battler, is set to end service later this year

As of June 30th of this year, both the English and Japanese versions of the card-based battlers Cardfight Vanguard Zero are set to shut down and end service completely. This announcement came in the form of a Tweet from the official English account, but it does emphasize that every version of the title is indeed going to end all at the same time.

This sort of news is always a bummer, as it means that regardless of if the game was popular or not, there are at least a handful of people losing their favorite mobile game. Cardfight Vanguard Zero was never a super heavy hitter as the likes of Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra may be, but it saw some moderate success since launching back in June 2020.

Utilizing some unique and very different mechanics that aren’t really found in your traditional PvP card games, the Vanguard series has always been known for being an over-the-top anime card game that had such wild gameplay differences from others in the same genre that it made it quite special to some.

Unfortunately, all good things must end eventually, and Vanguard Zero is no exception. As is typically the case with these sorts of shutdowns, there wasn’t a solid reason offered up, but we do know there were plans to add future content, so it’s equal parts shocking and sad to see it go before the developers could manage to flesh it out even further.

There is a bright spot in this dark news, however, with the fact that all of the currently active other Vanguard-related games are still going to continue to be active, so at least players of Vanguard Zero will have other places to go.

So, if you’re looking to check out an often overlooked card game before it’s gone for good, you can download Cardfight Vanguard Zero at either of the links below for free before that June 30th shutdown date.

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