Clive’s Japanese Voice Actor Shares Photo Of Himself with Enormous Final Fantasy 16 Script

Image Source: Square Enix


This picture clearly says way, way more than a thousand words!

The newly released Final Fantasy 16 promised an enormous experience like no other in the franchise so far, if the trailers alone were anything to go by. Now we have even more visual proof of just how much work went into the creation of the game, with a candid look via Twitter of the actual script for the entire story.

While lead developer Naoki Yoshida (aka “Yoshi-P”) has definitely done his part to promote Final Fantasy 16 on the press circuit, complete with a huge livestream event dedicated to the game, other members of the team are also showing off the incredible work that brought Clive’s story to life.

Yuuya Uchida, the voice actor of lead protagonist Clive Rosfield, took to Twitter yesterday to post a picture of himself with every single page of the entire FF16 story script. It certainly made our jaws drop to see a stack nearly as tall as Uchida himself (sitting down, at least), and just how incredibly complex and detailed the story turned out to be after who knows how many months and years of writing.

Image Source: Twitter

The lead writer on the the FF16 project was Kazutoyo Maehiro, who has worked on several other installments in the franchise such as the Final Fantasy Tactics sub-series, Final Fantasy XII as the main battle system designer, and every expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, which is an ongoing MMORPG also helmed by Naoki Yoshida.

It’s abundantly clear that Maehiro’s very extensive work helped turn FF16 into an incredibly detailed experience, which players are finally getting the chance to dive into.

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