Competitive Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Finally Gets Fans on Brooms

Competitive Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Finally Gets Fans on Brooms

Harry Potter fans diving into the massively open world of Hogwarts Legacy had been asking for months why there was no Quidditch game, despite broomstick flying being a major component. Now, it looks like we have our answer, as Warner Bros. Games has announced an upcoming Quidditch game, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

This will be a fast-paced competitive multiplayer game where teams will be pitted against each other, attempting to reach the highest score. This will be a standalone game, separate from Hogwarts Legacy and other Harry Potter games.

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How to sign up for Harry Potter Quidditch Champions playtests

Tea Warner Bros. Games Twitter account announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions today, showing a brief trailer. We don’t see too much gameplay in this trailer, but it does announce that fans eager to try it out can sign up for playtests, where an early build of the game will be available. Anyone interested in trying out Quidditch Champions can visit the official page to sign up for the playtest.

The larger FAQ for Quidditch Champions addressed a handful of early questions, such as whether this game will be coming to PC and consoles, but the exact consoles have not yet been shared. Players will have character customization to design their own witch or wizard to control. One stipulation of playing though is that Quidditch Champions will require an internet connection for the game.

Quidditch Champions is being published by Portkey Games and developed by Unbroken Studios, the team behind Fantastic Plastic Squad, Fractured Lands, and who are co-developers on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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We do not have an exact release date yet, but the early playtests and reception from that experience should give us a better idea of ​​when to expect a proper release. We do not have an exact estimate or if the game will go into an early access period.

Signing up for this playtest will not guarantee you access. Hopefully, we can expect multiple waves of playtesting to allow more players to check it out.

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