Connections Answer – What is Today’s Connections Answer?

Connections Answer (July 8) – What is Today’s Connections Answer?

There are so many daily word games and clones of websites such as Wordle out there that it can seem impossible to find something original and engaging to add to the roster of daily short word games. Enter Connections, a word association game from The New York Times that challenges players to try something new in the word game genre. This guide explains what Connections is, how to play it, and the answer for each day.


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How to Play Connections

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Connections is a word association game that requires players to match four words on a grid of sixteen together into four groups. Must-Players select the four words they believe fit together, then click the ‘Submit’ button. The game will inform the player if they’re correct by rearranging the words into a colored block at the top of the screen. If, however, the player is incorrect, the words will vibrate, and players will lose one of their four lives. If a player runs out of lives, they’ll fail the game for that day but will still see the answers. Groups of answers are arranged by color according to their difficulty, going from yellow as the easiest through green and blue, then purple as the trickiest. The only place fans can play Connections is the official website via The New York Times.

What is Today’s Connections Answer?

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In this section, we’ve got the answer for today’s Connections puzzle (July 8, 2023) and have listed every puzzle we’ve covered in the past week or so in the list below. Players should use the list below to get an idea of ​​what the latest word associations might be, giving them a leg up on the competition in the future.

Connections Answer for July 8, 2023 (#27)

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We found the Connections puzzle for July 8, 2023 pretty easy. Once we’d solved the Organs and Hats topics, the rest of the puzzle fell into place.

  • Group 1 – Organs: HEART, KIDNEY, LIVER, LUNG
  • Group 2 – Hats: BERET, BOWLER, FEDORA, FEZ
  • Group 3 – Parts of a Book: COVER, JACKET, PAGE, SPINE
  • Group 4 – Jack …: ASS, KNIFE, POT, RABBIT

Connections Answer for July 7, 2023 (#26)

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  • Group 1 – Synonyms for Imitate: COPY, ECHO, MIMIC, PARROT
  • Group 2 – European Countries: DENMARK, GREECE, POLAND, PORTUGAL
  • Group 4 – Words Spelled With Roman Numerals: DILL, LIVID, MILD, MIX

Connections Answer for July 6, 2023 (#25)

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  • Group 1 – Animals With Tusks: ELEPHANT, HIPPO, NARWHAL, WARTHOG
  • Group 3 – Mild Oaths: DARN, FUDGE, HECK, SHOOT

Why is Connections in Beta?

At the time of writing, Connections is in beta on The New York Times website. This means it’s not final and subject to change, though we suspect the formula will remain close to what we’ve explained above. The thing that’s likely to be in beta is the difficulty since the development team will be trying to work out a way to automate the puzzles without them being too easy or too challenging for players.

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