Cookie Clicker Ascension guide – How and when to ascend

Cookie Clicker Ascension guide - How and when to ascend

The Ascension system is one of the most widely talked about mechanics in the Cookie Clicker series of games, whether it be any version of the cookie-based idle clicker. Each player in the community has a different response when it comes to important questions such as “how to ascend” and “when to ascend”. The truth is that such questions are quite trivial to answer but require some context regarding the system.

We are here to tell you everything regarding the Cookie Clicker Ascension system. Let’s try to get a solid answer to all your questions related to the Ascension system.


By ascending, you basically state that you are going to restart your entire progress from scratch, give up all baked cookies so far, but gain some core rewards that will help you in your next reset journey. Idle games like Cookie Clicker have the Prestige mechanic which allows the players to restart their progress in exchange for amazing buffs that are permanent to the user. The Ascension system is also an extension of the Legacy system in the game that keeps track of all your progress, regardless of how many resets you make.

You will receive some special rewards upon ascending depending on the number of cookies you baked pre-reset. These rewards include the likes of Heavenly Chips, Prestige bonuses, and different types of achievements unlocked.


To Ascend in Cookie Clicker, players simply need to click on the Legacy tab located at the top right-hand side of the game. Hovering over the Legacy button will show you some important stats such as Number of days you have spent during this reset, Ascend information, and the number of cookies required to be baked to ascend to the next level. In case you are not eligible for Prestige level, it will say so as well. After clicking on the Legacy button, the game will again ask your permission to reset for the final time. Click on the “Ascend” button on the dialogue box to reset your current progress and ascend.


Understanding when to ascend is crucial in Cookie Clicker. If it’s too late, you miss out on great buffs and bonuses. If it’s too early, you reset your progress and delay cookie production for buffs that feel almost non-existent.

First things first, ascending immediately when you start the game is perhaps one of the worst pieces of advice anyone can give you. The bare minimum requirement to consider to ascend should be when you are done with baking 1 trillion cookies. This will give you 1 prestige level. Popular advice among the Cookie Clicker community is to ascend when you have at least 100-200 prestige levels. This should provide you with a shallow but still decent number of heavenly chips for purchasing heavenly upgrades.

Do not think that this is an easy task. Even reaching 100-200 prestige levels would require baking anywhere between 10-20 billion cookies. This feat alone can take several weeks of active grinding.


Ascending in Cookie Clicker provides you with tons of beneficial rewards such as prestige levels and heavenly chips. Heavenly chips are alone perhaps one of the rarest currencies in the game. It is used to unlock and upgrade various types of buffs (called Heavenly Upgrades) that can increase your CPS massively. Prestige levels, on the other hand, are required to gain prestige bonuses. Each level of Prestige adds 1% to your overall cookie production. These effects can further be amplified by upgrading using Heavenly chips.


By community standards, the fast ascension or quick ascension is when you decide to give in to your temptations and ascend at around 100-200 prestige levels. This is by far considered one of the fastest ascents. In fact, anything below a 1000 prestige level is considered a fast ascension. Players can still gain a decent chunk of heavenly chips to make juicy upgrades but not as much as waiting for a slower ascension would provide them with. Generally, it is recommended for new players in order to get them hooked without waiting forever due to their low CPS rate at the beginning of their journey.


Any ascension made after 100,000 prestige levels post your first ascension is considered a Slow ascension. Now, seasoned veterans will tell you that slow ascensions come in different stages. For example, if you make your first ascension at 1000 prestige levels, then your second slow ascension should be at 100,000 prestige levels, your third slow ascension at 1,000,000 prestige levels, and so on. It ensures a continued ample supply of heavenly chips so that you feel a major difference every time you ascend.

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