Counter-Strike 2 Release timeline, maps, and Everything We Know

Counter-Strike 2 Release timeline, maps, and Everything We Know
Picture: Valve

Following rumors and discussions from Valve’s dedicated fans, Counter-Strike 2 has just been announced. This new title will change many qualities found in the first-person shooter through inclusion of a new engine and other various updates. Though the announcement was just made recently, there are a few things players can discover from what was revealed so far, including the release timing and various changes for Counter-Strike 2.

Though this is a brand-new game, long-time fans will still be able to visit familiar maps. Certain maps like Dust II will be brought over with minor changes while maps like Nuke will have vastly improved graphics. Meanwhile, maps like Overpass will be rebuilt from the ground up, creating new scenarios in nostalgic locations. More information about returning maps—and possibly entire new ones—will likely be revealed in the future.

Most of the new additions to Counter-Strike 2 shared so far involve changes to the game engine. Fans can expect numerous graphical overhauls and quality-of-life changes, including actions no longer being tied to in-game tickrate. The game doesn’t seem to change much about the core gameplay found in Global Offensive. It’s still possible to make use of the best smoke spots in maps — it’ll simply be a lot more interesting now.

The release window for Counter-Strike 2 is slated for Summer 2023. Fans that simply can’t stand to wait can see if they’re eligible for the game’s limited test, giving them a closer look at the title earlier than others. They can also check out the game’s official website for periodic updates on new things to look forward to. The developers have stated that more features will be added later down the line, including workshop support and inventory changes, so keep an eye out and hope you can join the fun early on!

– This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023

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