Cyber ​​Protocol, the tough-as-nails neon-soaked arcade puzzle game, launches onto mobile at last

Cyber ​​Protocol, the tough-as-nails neon-soaked arcade puzzle game, launches onto mobile at last

RedDeer.Games, an indie developer who has mostly released Nintendo Switch products thus far, has launched its first mobile game: Cyber ​​Protocol. Having already been released onto various other platforms, including the popular Steam port, this tough-as-nails arcade puzzle game has finally found its way to our pockets with its latest iteration.

Cyber ​​Protocol is a cyberpunk-themed hacking simulator that realizes that concept as a “simple” escape-the-maze style of puzzle game. But boy oh boy, if that seems basic on the surface, you’re in for a shock.


Cyber ​​Protocol’s biggest selling point is that it is intended to be extremely challenging. Marketing itself as a hardcore puzzle game, it finds new and innovative ways to spin a gameplay loop that will appear rather simple and easy when you first start.

The gameplay mechanics are not at all tough to understand. You have a destination you have to get to within a neon-soaked maze, and you move each turn to get there. Unfortunately for you, this concept begins really easy and you’ll get there well within a few moves with no problem, until you won’t.

See, the challenge begins to come through a little later into the game when each stage begins introducing various hazards and enemies that pursue you, and – upon touch – end your round. These hazards have a wide variety, as do your pursuers, but each will make what could be an easy stage an absolute nightmare to get through. And don’t forget about that high score either!

All-in-all, the gameplay of Cyber ​​Protocol is easy to wrap your head around, but becomes extremely difficult and tough as you progress through the game. If you fancy yourself a puzzle master, give this one a go and you’ll get humbled in no time flat.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can purchase Cyber ​​Protocol for only $4.99 at the link below.

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