DanMachi: Battle Chronicle announces Korean version as pre-registration continues

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle announces Korean version as pre-registration continues

A couple of months ago, Aiming Inc. announced its next entry for mobile and PC, based on the popular anime series, DanMachi, otherwise known as Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Titled DanMachi: Battle Chronicle, the game is a gacha RPG that will feature iconic characters from the show. It is set to release next month, with pre-registrations currently open.

This isn’t the franchise’s first rodeo into the gaming space as DanMachi – Memoria Freese has been out for years and still receives updates regularly. The anime itself has done pretty well and now players across 81 different countries will be able to enjoy the action in English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and now Korean as well.

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle takes fans back to Labyrinth City Orario, where they step into the shoes of Bell and his Familia and begin on a fascinating journey. Other beloved characters including Hestia, Ais, and Ryu also make their returns as gorgeous 3D avatars that are fully voiced in Japanese.


In terms of the story, the game essentially chronicles the events of the anime, giving fans a chance to be in the midst of this epic tale instead of watching it from the sidelines. Of course, some new scenes will be sprinkled here and there, including game-exclusive cutscenes and some shots from different perspectives as well.

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Like most titles from this genre, DanChro sees players build teams based on characters belonging to various categories like Adventurers, Assisters, and Scene Cards. These, combined with loads of customization and a real-time action system offer a thrilling gameplay experience to players.

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle is set to release on Android and iOS on August 24th. Pre-registration can be done through either of the links below, with multiple rewards for up for grabs.

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