Dave the Diver – How to pick up the Sea Urchin Ingredient using Diving Gloves

Dave the Diver - How to pick up the Sea Urchin Ingredient using Diving Gloves

Dave the Diver has a large number of ingredients for you to collect in the ocean, but some of them, such as the Purple Sea Urchin, are trickier to pick up. In this guide, we’ll explain how (and when) you’re able to pick up Sea Urchin in Dave the Diver using the Diving Gloves.

Without this essential item, Dave can’t pick up Sea Urchins, but it also opens up new areas and ways to explore the Blue Hole. Early on, I couldn’t figure out how to pick them up!

How to Pick up Sea Urchins in Dave the Diver

You’re going to need your very own pair of Diving Gloves to be able to pick up these prickly ingredients. Without those gloves, they’re impossible to pick up, but once you have them you’ll be able to pick these up and use them in more unique dishes at the restaurant!

So, if you need a set of diving gloves…read on!

image of dave the diver with the purple sea urchin text up while you are next to it

How to get the Diving Gloves in Dave the Diver

The diving gloves are not available at the start of the game, and it won’t be until chapter 2 that you can unlock them. So, if you haven’t unlocked them yet – just keep following the story until you make it to the mission “Treat Ramo” which you won’t be able to continue past until you’re able to clear an obstacle that requires the Diving Gloves.

Follow the story, and Dr. Bacon will give you the gloves before sending you back down to the depths.

image of dave the diver holding a rock about a bluespotted stargazer
Only way to take these guys out is with a rock

Other Diving Glove Uses

The gloves aren’t just for picking up prickly Sea Urchins, though! They’re useful for a few other reasons:

  • Picking up rocks to drop on fish or deep sea crabs that can’t be caught any other way.
    • Specifically, dropping rocks on Bluespotted Stargazers and Spider Crabs!
  • Picking up rocks to drop on blocked entrances
  • Grabbing onto objects to prevent being swept away from by currents
  • Grabbing pipes to drop rocks, or open up new areas.

With your new gloves, you’ll be able to explore new areas and create some delicious new sushi. Hopefully this guide helped you in the early stages of the game, if you were frustrated trying to pick up sea urchins, because I know I tried a BUNCH of times without gloves!


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