Dave the Diver – Sea People Language Translator Guide

Dave the Diver - Sea People Language Translator Guide

As you make your way through Dave the Diver, you’ll be offered missions that move the story along. This guide will give you the info you need to complete the “Sea People Language Translator” mission, which requires you to get a Microphone, Stone Slab, and Amethyst!

Missing a specific one? Jump to it: Microphone | Sea People Slab | Amethyst

Starting the Sea People Language Translator Mission

You’ll get this mission from Dr. Bacon after you complete Tracking the Sea People and Signal from the Sea People, and it requires you to dive deep! If you’ve made it this far, you likely have your gear upgraded enough, but we’d suggest that you have a Level 4 Diving Suit!

Where to get the Microphone – Beneath the Shipwreck

There is a sunken wreck in the medium depth of the Blue Hole, but this isn’t the area it’s referencing. You’ll want to dive in and head straight down, but stay to the left a bit, and you’ll make your way back to the Yellow Delivery Ship that was sunk by the giant squid.

Image of where to find the microphone in Dave the Daver, pointing at the ship entrance place and then the description of the microphone

Head inside to where you fought the giant squid, and you’ll find it right below you.

Where to get the Sea People Slab – Sea People Record Chamber

Head to where you first met the Sea People and took a picture of the large mural. If you don’t remember, this is down a bit to the bottom right when you dive into Blue Hole, and you’ll find the item right in the middle of the chamber, below the mural.

Image of where to enter the Sea People Record Chamber, and an image of the Sea People Slab next to it

Where to get Amethyst – From the Depths

Make your way all the way down to the depths (3rd region) and swim through the tubeworms using a UV Light you can get from nearby chests. Once through them, swim around until you see a block of Amethyst, and use a Pickaxe to obtain 3 pieces of Amethyst.

Image of Amethyst in Dave the Diver, with a nearby chest to open that contains a pickaxe

Where to get a pickaxe – You’ll actually always find a pickaxe in the closet box to the Amethyst! Open it up and swing away!

That’s it for our quick Sea People Language Translator Guide!


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