Dead by Daylight killer tier list

Dead by Daylight killer tier list


S-Tier Killers

The Nurse (Sally Smithson) is one of the most unique killers available in Dead by Daylight due to her high mobility and immense tracking perks to follow the movements of the Survivors. The Nurse can blink or teleport short distances with her power Spencer’s Last Breath. Her perks increase the senses of the Survivors which force them to breathe heavily, grunt louder when in pain, and display colored auras while healing near The Nurse. Her killer difficulty is rated as “Very Hard” which means she is extremely tough to learn and master.

The Nightmare (Freddy Kreuger), is at the top of the killer tier list for a good reason. This powerful killer inspired by the American fictional killer Freddy Krueger, is a speedy killer that lures its prey into a Dreamworld. His power is called Dream Demon and helps him become invisible to survivors more than 32 meters away from him. The survivors can only hear him when he is between 16-32 meters away from them and see him clearly if he comes within 16 meters of the Survivors. Freddy Krueger is an angry killer that loves to prey on a specific target. He gains a certain percentage of permanent movement speed whenever any generator is repaired. Further, he can select a particular Survivor to increase the opening time of exit gates for that particular survivor. The Nightmare’s killer difficulty is rated as “Hard”.


A-Tier Killers

The Wraith (Philip Ojomo) has a difficulty killer rating of “Easy” and is often proclaimed by veterans as a good newbie-friendly killer. His killer perks Predator, Bloodhound, and Shadowborn are great traits that help him efficiently track the Survivors on the map. He can detect the blood droplets of Survivors for a specific duration of time while his Field of View in the darkness is increased by 9/12/15 degrees. The Wraith has the power called Wailing Bell that he can use to cloak himself in darkness and become invisible to Survivors. When he uncloaks, he gains a short lunge for 1 second before reappearing on the map. The Wailing Bell can be heard up to 24 meters away from the Survivors. One of the reasons he’s close to the top of the DBD killer tier list is that he is uncomplicated to operate even if you don’t know a lot about the game.

The Huntress (Anna) has a killer difficulty rating of “Moderate” which makes her easy to play but difficult to master. Anna is a ranged killer that hunts the Survivors by throwing her Hunting Hatchets. Once hit, the survivors are injured and lose health while also dropping pools of blood. Her perks include Beast of Prey, Territorial Imperative, Hex: Huntress Lullaby, which help her track the blood points of the killers for a specific duration of time and grant her a stack of Hunting Tokens each time she hooks a Survivor. Each stack reduces the warning sound the Survivor receives when Anna is near them. Her power Hunting Hatchets is a press and hold ability that she can use to draw out her Hunting Hatchet to throw at Survivors.


B-Tier Killers

The Clown (Kenneth Chase) has a killer difficulty of “Hard” which makes him difficult to play and master at all ranks. The Clown is able to crowd-control the Survivors into giving away their location or getting caught by The Clown himself. His power Afterpiece Tonic sees The Clown release a toxic gas cloud to intoxicate the Survivors and make them suffer with impaired vision and extreme coughing. Additionally, the intoxicated survivors suffer reduced movement speed and reduced field of view. His perks Bamboozle, Coulrophobia, and Pop Goes the Weasel state that the Survivors suffer decreased healing speed and decreased speed to repair the generators.

The Onryo (Sadako Yamamura) has a killer difficulty of “Hard” which makes her difficult to play and master at all ranks. She has a short terror radius of only 24 meters. Her power Deluge of Fear states that The Onryo gets an undetectable status before entering within 24 meters of the Survivor. The Onryo can further press and hold the ability to manifest herself into material form. She can also take a material form by projecting herself through a Television.


C-Tier Killers

The Cannibal (Bubba Sawyer) has a killer difficulty rating of “Moderate” which means players can comfortably play this killer without having a very in-depth understanding of the role. His power Bubba’s Chainsaw is a charge-based ability where The Cannibal starts with 3 charges. Each charge consumed results in him swinging forward a certain distance, damaging all Survivors in the way. When hit, the Survivors are put in a dying state. He can replenish the charges of this ability passively over time. Bubba Sawyer’s perks Knock Out, Barbecue and Chill, and Franklin’s Demise make the Survivors drop their items when getting hit.

The Doctor (Herman Carter) has a killer difficulty rating of “Hard” meaning players require practice with him in order to play him efficiently. The Doctor is quite literally a madman whose power Carter’s Spark states that he drives his victims completely mad. Upon being inflicted with the Madness effect, Herman Carter gains several powers depending on the stacks of Madness effect. He makes the Survivors hallucinate and reduce their field of view.


D-Tier Killers

The Pig (Amanda Young) has a killer difficulty rating of “Hard” which means that players need to understand the intricacies of her role and abilities to be able to play her efficiently. Her power Jigsaw’s Baptism states that The Pig starts the game with 4 Reverse Bear Traps. The Pig can place these Reverse Bear Traps at multiple locations and they will activate once any Generator has been completed. These traps can capture the Survivor for 150 seconds. After the timer is depleted, these traps will automatically kill the Survivor.

The Trickster (Ji-Woon Hak) has a killer difficulty rating of “Moderate” which means that the player does not need to be highly experienced with the killer in order to perform. The Trickster is a ranged killer that can hunt his victims using his Polished Head-Smasher weapon. His power Showstopper states that Ji-Woon Hak starts the match with 44 blades. He can choose to throw them 1 by 1 or in a flurried state to throw them consecutively at faster speeds. His movement speed decreases when throwing blades in this state. The Trickster can re-stock his blades at the Lockers.

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