Dead by Daylight Update 6.6.1 Patch Notes

Dead by Daylight Update 6.6.1 Patch Notes
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Dead by Daylight received a new update, and we will show all the additions, fixes, and changes that update 6.6.1 will bring to the game. Dead by Daylight managed to stay relevant over the years, and it’s one of the Steam games with the most concurrent players, keeping a healthy community while providing players with tons of fun and excitement in each of their matches. Get ready to find out all about Dead by Daylight update 6.6.1.

On March 14, the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account tweeted about the new update coming to the game. According to the tweet, Dead by Daylight update 6.6.1 comes with many bug fixes, and the official patch notes back this statement. The update’s patch notes feature many bug fixes regarding character models, UI, Audio issues, perks, platforms, and more. Sadly the update does not bring any additions to the game, but the amount of fixes it brings compensates for the lack of new content.

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One of the first fixes implemented in this patch relates to challenges and archives. The developers managed to fix issues regarding the Glyph Graduate, Near Miss, and Gruesome challenges. Some of these challenges were not working correctly before, and players were experiencing issues regarding player input and challenge progress.

Another set of fixes that will have a meaningful impact on players’ experience is regarding character models and animations. According to the patch notes, The developers fixed many issues regarding character models, animations, characters clipping through objects, and some characters becoming invisible by mistake.

Perks also received some fixes in this patch as developers solved many problems hindering players’ experience. The Teamwork perk received some love from the developers as they fixed issues regarding deactivations and the icons not showing correctly.

Epic Games, Windows Store, and even Nintendo Switch players will also have a better experience. Developers fixed some issues regarding maps not showing in the custom game settings, account mismatching issues, and intermittent crashes when launching the game.

Dead by Daylight update 6.6.1 did not bring any new content into the game, but it will increase its quality tenfold. Bug fixes of any kind are welcome by all players, as hindering experiences while in a match are some of the reasons why some players prefer to switch games and avoid more troubles.

– This article was updated on March 14th, 2023

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