Dead by Daylight’s next mid-Chapter update massively improves the Bloodweb experience and adds a visual Terror Radius for Survivors


Behavior Interactive today published a new developer update piece discussing the mid-Chapter update for Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment. Mid-Chapter updates come with a slew of changes, and this one is no different, altering the fundamentals of the Bloodweb and improving a Survivor’s detection of the Killer.

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While there’s no confirmed release date for the mid-Chapter update, we have a hearty chunk of information about what changes it will implement. The biggest new addition is that of a visual Terror Radius for Survivors. Currently, Survivors need to rely on the increasing volume of their heartbeat to tell how close a Killer is. After the next update, though, you’ll be able to see the Survivor’s heart glowing through their chests, beating faster and faster as the Killer approaches. This is a significant change that will make it much easier to detect the Killer for all players.

The Bloodweb won’t be changing too much with this update, but how you interact with it will. At the moment, you need to buy nodes individually. Following this mid-Chapter update, you can select any node in the Bloodweb, and the game will automatically purchase every node before it. Furthermore, you can choose an option to buy all the cheapest items on any page of the Bloodweb to help speed them through each one. However, you must have prestiged the character at least once before that option becomes available.

Finally, alterations will be made to the Deep Rift alongside a slew of perk changes, which you can read about in the official post. This is the section of the Rift Pass that goes beyond Tier 70. every item past that point is considered a Deep Rift cosmetic, and they’re some of the rarest and most visually stunning in the game. Behavior Interactive explains that these rewards will be made to look even more special, standing out from the rest of the cosmetics in Dead by Daylight.

This is because players have to put in a tremendous amount of work to earn these items, and the added visual flair will give them a better reward. Some players have been complaining about these rewards because they don’t accurately reflect how rare they are. Hopefully, this change will see some truly spectacular cosmetics come to the game in future Rifts.

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