Dead Island 2 How to Get Black Magic (Baseball Bat)

Dead Island 2 How to Get Black Magic (Baseball Bat)

If you’ve not heard of Black Magic in Dead Island 2, then you’re missing out. This is a powerful baseball bat that can take a serious toll on the undead, and it also looks as cool as hell too. If you want to see for yourself, check out this guide to learn how to get Black Magic in Dead Island 2.

Before we get into the guide, though, if you want to hear our opinions on the game, then you should check out our review.

How to Get Black Magic in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a screamer zombie called "pink" swaying on her feet at a four way intersection.
Rose has seen better days, but she still packs a punch.

If you want to get your hands on Black Magic, you’ll first need to have reached the Serling Hotel and unlocked the Lost & Found mission “Missing: Pablo”. Once you have, fast travel back to Venice Beach and check out the intersection where you first started off in the area (near all the abandoned buses.) At this intersection, you’ll find a very special Screamer zombie called Rose, the original owner of Black Magic herself.

Taking on Rose

Rose is a tough customer, just like all her Screamer brethren. The biggest danger here is being overwhelmed by other zombies while trying to deal with the screamer. The best advice anyone can give you is to make sure that you stop her screaming ASAP, hopefully by careful use of an elemental Curveball at the right moment. Keep the pressure up, and eventually, she’ll go down, dropping a key in the process. Pick up “Rose’s Storage key” and carry on your merry way.

Getting Black Magic

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing an abandoned tattoo parlor surrounded by destroyed streets.
Rose’s tattoo place has also seen better days, but at least it has some surprises left for curious slayers.

To actually get the weapon in question, you’ll need to run to the other end of the street. On the corner, you should probably be able to spot Rose’s tattoo parlor which is also where she was keeping her cool AF baseball bat. Head inside by holding down the red button on the exterior. Inside, you’ll probably find some zombie ex-clients to take care of, but at least it’s clear of booby traps. Behidn the counter you can find the storage crate where Rose is keeping Black Magic stashed away. It’s a pretty high-damage bat already, but it also looks cool as hell and has plenty of flexibility in modification options.

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