Demian Saga’s latest update sees the additon of the new character, Iris

Demian Saga's latest update sees the additon of the new character, Iris

Haegin has just announced a new content update for their recently launched mobile RPG, Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates. The May patch introduced Gekkou and this update further expands on the roster with the addition of another new hero as well as other activities to participate in and rewards to earn.

The latest character to join Demian Saga is Iris, a prodigy from Gigantria – a nation best known for its engineering prowess. However, things took a dark turn during a time machine experiment gone wrong, leading to an explosion that sent Iris to the Night Realm. She must put all her skills to use if she wishes to come back to her homeworld.

Thankfully, Iris isn’t stuck alone in the Night Realm and is accompanied by her invention and only friend, Hound. The automaton is the perfect buddy in battle as well as it does both area and ranged attacks. Iris too has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her skills are capable of restoring health and negating debuffs of allies within a specific range.


Further, the Gigantrian sensation is also excellent in Raids, Union Boss fights, PvP and PvE battles. Iris’ Ultimate Skill called Overdrive raises attack power and speed for certain allies, and reduces the physical and magical defenses of the opposition.

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Iris’ entrapment in the Night Realm has additionally opened the third section of the region, in which missions pose a much higher threat than before. These great risks come alongside great rewards such as SSR Hero Shards, Skill Powder, Gold, and EXP – all crucial for hero progression.

Finally, players can participate in the Supply Drop events which commemorate the introduction of Iris. Discs will be obtained via the completion of in-game missions and they can be traded in for resources like Gold, Gems, Skill Powder, and National Recruit Tickets.

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