Destiny 2: A Cabal One-Shot Bug Is Making Ghosts Work Overtime

Image of Neomuna skyline in Destiny 2.
Picture: Attack of the Fanboy

Destiny 2 players have been roaming around Neomuna and the last thing they’d be expecting is to be obliterated by Cabal on their daily commute. However, some have indeed been getting flung about like ragdolls from the Cabal “Thresher” ships in the destination. Destiny 2 has a vast array of Cabal enemies and their spawn point is usually from that exact ship, so getting one-shotted from it isn’t the greatest.

Yes, you read that correctly. Threshers are one-shotting players and it’s not even meant to be happening; it is an age-old frames-per-second bug of Destiny 2 that hasn’t been fixed as of yet. The glitch is making the Thresher damage astronomically higher than it should be. Many people have been taking to Reddit to discuss their observations of the one-shotting Cabal ships.

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If you have your frames per second running at a higher rate then you will automatically receive much more damage from certain enemies and equipment in PvE. This in reality is just as insane as it sounds and not only are Thresher ships causing this issue — but even Gravity Lifts. When getting boosted up by lifts it seems to confuse the target area and sends the player skyrocketing about the place until they break their skull.

All of these glitches are likely to be a direct cause of the frame rate issue since that is what players are connecting the dots about. The higher the frame rate, the more chaos ensues. Since the glitches may be tied to frame rate, not everyone will encounter these issues — especially on consoles. However, the 4000 upvotes on the Reddit post from a few days ago begs to say otherwise.

It is unknown if Bungie will look into this but many will be using PCs and monitors which do indeed run at much higher frame rates. Your guardian’s poor ghost will be reviving you all the time when you get blasted out of existence by a Thresher cannon.

– This article was updated on March 6th, 2023

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