Destiny 2 exotic armor has a better chance to drop following the latest patch and fixes character invisibility errors

How to complete the Scission encounter in the Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2

A handful of minor fixes and bug corrections are coming in the latest Destiny 2 patch, providing a huge relief to many players who have been dealing with invisible allies for the better part of a week. After being revived or participating in an activity, some players have found that their character becomes invisible, making it difficult to tell what animations they’re doing in combat. It looks like the latest patch should finally fix this, and Bungie has also confirmed that exotic armor will be easier to acquire moving forward, giving everyone more reasons to jump into the game.

The Destiny 2 development team shared these details on the Bungie website, posting about Hotfix The biggest general fix is ​​that players should no longer be invisible while in-game, commendation scores are being reduced for all Guardian Rank requirements, and players have a better chance to score exotic armor from completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors while playing solo.

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Many players will likely find the increased chances to acquire exotic armor from Lost Sectors far more appealing moving forward. Following the increased difficulties of these solo Lost Sector activities from higher enemy levels and lower damage from most players, some players have been talking about how much longer it takes to complete these by themselves as they reach a high enough power level to take them on.

It was one of the larger debates following the release of The Root of Nightmare raid’s Contest Mode during the World First race, where many professional Destiny 2 players pointed out that Lost Sector activities were more challenging to complete. On the other hand, the hardcore community was disappointed by the less challenging encounters in the raid. However, a record number of people completed The Root of Nightmare raid compared to previous years, with 582,428 players entering the raid and 190,459 completing it.

The hotfix for should be wrapped up by 1 PDT on Destiny 2, giving everyone a chance to jump back into the game. We recommend players charge forward to the Lost Sector activities and try their luck at getting more exotic armor.

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