Destiny 2 Fans Are Rooting for Datto Ahead of the Root of Nightmares World’s First Tomorrow, Here’s Why

Destiny 2 Lightfall


Who will take the crown this time around?

Destiny 2’s newest raid, The Root of Nightmares, finally releases tomorrow, meaning the race to see who will finish first also begins. For the last three raids in a row, the reigning champ of completing the raids first has been the well-known clan, Elysium, led by Twitch Streamer Saltagreppo.

However, fans are still rooting for Datto — one of, if not the most popular and famous Destiny 2 YouTuber — to win the race for the world’s first tomorrow in The Root of Nightmares. Let’s break down why that is.

Saltagreppo, The Reigning, Defending Destiny 2 Raid Champion

As mentioned before, Saltagreppo has won the last three races in a row. First, it was Vault of Glass (Vog), then Vow of the Disciple (Vow), and King’s Fall in August last year. Coming in first place is already a colossal triumph to be proud of, but to do it back-to-back-to-back is just simply unheard of. It’s no surprise Saltagreppo rose to fame in such a short time.

He plans to raid with the same team he’s won with thus far. Whether or not they can pull off a 4-peat remains to be seen, but given their record, they are currently the strongest contenders to come in first once again.

Datto, The Fallen King

On the other hand, Datto has unfortunately come up short in recent years. For Vog, he came in 25th, 2nd for Vow, and 9th in King’s Fall. All excellent placements to be proud of for sure, but unfortunately, Vow would be the second time Datto would come in second place, the first being in the Crown of Sorrow race back in 2019. So why do fans want him to win so badly?

Well, for starters, Datto has been around for a very long time, kick-starting his Destiny journey and YouTuber career with the Destiny 1 Beta back in 2014. Since then, he’s posted hundreds of videos for the game, mainly guides on how to do specific tasks and earn certain weapons.

With the release of the Taken King expansion and beyond, Datto quickly was dubbed “The Father of Destiny,” as many fans believed his videos were vital to the franchise’s success over the years. He was also a part of the team that completed the Vault of Glass raid first in Destiny 1, giving him even more popularity. To this day, Datto continues to make guides for Destiny 2, including popular review videos with his own opinion on specific topics in the game that accumulate hundreds of thousands of views.

After coming in second place twice and top ten in multiple races over the years, fans really want Datto to secure a second first place finish for himself. Whether or not he and his team can compete against and defeat the reigning champs remains to be seen. That said, no matter who wins, we’re just really excited to see what this new raid has in store for us!

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