Destiny 2 Glitch Makes Players Invincible in Master Weekly Story Mission [Tutorial]

Destiny 2 Glitch Makes Players Invincible in Master Weekly Story Mission [Tutorial]
Picture: Bungie

Master difficulty activities are by far the most challenging content Destiny 2 has to offer. With more Champions than you can wave a glaive at and projectiles that can obliterate players instantly, Master content seems impossible in the eyes of most Guardians.

In a stroke of luck, the Breakneck Campaign Mission featured this week contains a glitch that makes the player completely invincible. While this has been present since Lightfall’s launch, Breakneck being featured as a Weekly Mission means players can take advantage of this bug on Master difficulty to earn easy Pinnacle gear, high-stat armor, Ascendant Alloys, and even Triumphs.

How To Perform The Invincible Breakneck Master Difficulty Glitch in Destiny 2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy/Bungie

Select neomunanavigate to Weekly Missionand select Master difficulty in the bottom right-hand corner. Before you can become completely invincible and wreak havoc, you’ll need to put in a little effort to navigate to a specific section of the level.

If you’re confident tackling the very first section of the Mission yourself, skip to the ‘Breakneck Invincibility Glitch Summary‘ Heading further down the page. Otherwise, you can find a complete walkthrough and the ideal loadout to perform this glitch below.

Best Loadout for Breakneck

  • Subclass:Strand
  • Primary: Wish-Ender
  • Secondary: Overload weapon of your choice
  • Power: Sword of your choice

Before you can activate the glitch, you’ll need to kill a few Champions at the beginning of the mission. Shackle Grenadestea Exotic Wish-Ender bow, and anything that can suspend targets are your best friends here. If you don’t have Wish-Enderyou can use your best Primary-slot Bow or even Arbalestinstead.

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Breakneck Invincibility Glitch Walkthrough


From the beginning of the mission, make your way forward until you reach Liming Harbor. Peak around the corner carefully and take out the two Cyclops and Hobgoblin on the ledge ahead using Wish-Ender.


Continue forward, take out the Hobgoblin on the left, and position yourself behind the green billboard. There are three Cyclopes et un Hobgoblin you need to destroy here. Remember to take precautions around Clycopes, as a single hit from one will instantly kill you.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy/Bungie

Sprint ahead to the left of the green billboard to the top of the stairs. Kill the Cyclops on the left and walk behind the first circular platform. Try to kill the two Cyclopes as fast as possible before the Overload Minotaur and group of goblins spawn.

Throw your Grapple Pomegranate to suspend the Goblins and swiftly eliminate them. Suspend and Stun the Champion Minotaur, and then use your sword to destroy it. Continue ahead into the building.


Worn Wish-Ender to take out the hobgoblins and barrier Champion through the doors leading to the next room. You may need to bait them out, but don’t fully enter this room until they’re defeated.

Not long to go until that sweet, sweet invincibility. Use your Great to kill the wyvern and repeat the Suspend, Stun, and Sword method to kill the last Overload Champion. Only one yellow bar Cyclops stands between you and invulnerability now.


Continue forward until you reach Radiosonde. Walk to the Stand fragment, wait for the dialogue to finish, and backtrack until the Límíng Harbor text appears on the screen. Now, return to the Strand fragment and continue the mission as usual. From here on out, you’ll be absolutely invincible to every form of damage.

Breakneck Invincibility Glitch Summary

To summarise, players can activate the invincibility glitch in the Destiny 2 mission ‘Breakneck’ by progressing through the beginning of the mission until reaching the first Strand Fragment. Allowing the dialogue to finish, exiting the room, and reentering will cause the player to become completely invulnerable to damage for the rest of the mission.

Now you’ve got access to a painless Alloy and Gear farm, why not try defeating Nezarec in the Root of Nightmares Raid? We also have a guide on the top must-have weapons in Destiny 2 for when you’re not so invincible.

– This article was updated on April 20th, 2023

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