Destiny 2 Guardian Games return in 2023

Destiny 2 Guardian Games return in 2023

In the deep and varied lore of destiny, Eva Levante created an Olympics-style competition for Guardians to take their minds off the sadness surrounding them. Furthermore, pitting the different classes against one another is a fine way to determine which class is the best (it’s Warlock). The return of the Destiny 2 Guardian Games in 2023 brings new bounties, challenges, cosmetics, and the chance to claim yearly glory. The games will begin on May 2 and run until the May 23 according to the TWAB blog posts.

Destiny 2 – What to expect from Guardian Games 2023

Most important, of course, is cosmetics. With every new Guardian Games comes the chance to win shiny new shaders and emblems. Players can compete in a series of different challenges and competitions to earn their stripes. There will be individual events to become the top 10% each week and, of course, the class competition.

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Individual Guardian Games

Every week, a strike will be posted up for players to compete to get the best score. There is a training mode and a competitive mode. At the end of each week, the top 10% get themselves a shiny new banner they can display to let everyone know of their superiority. Only the best run will count toward the score.

Class Games

Most importantly, the class Guardian Games for 2023 begins. Completing playlists will award you with medallions. The harder the event, the better the medallion. You can get both silver and bronze from playing events. If you are looking to achieve gold and platinum, you’re going to have to start taking event cards from Eva. These cards give you hoops to jump through to achieve better medallions.

Once you have a pocket full of medallions, you can turn them into the Tower to contribute to your class’ score. At the end of the event, the award is given to the class with the most medallions. A statue in your image will be erected for all to see.

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