Destiny 2 now has a fishing mini-game

Destiny 2 now has a fishing mini-game

Tea Ocarina of Time, Red Dead Redemption 2, personas 5 – what do all these games have in common? You got it: they have fishing mini-games. No RPG is complete without the ability to take some time out from your hard day of rewinding time, shooting bandits, and going to school to fight evil to catch some fish. It has become almost a running joke to add in the option to unwind by a pond and try to land the largest and rarest fish you can. Destiny 2 is now added to the list of games you can try your hand at angling in, as they add a fishing mini-game with the latest season.

Destiny 2 now has a fishing mini-game

Let’s face it; it was the update we all wanted to the ever-expanding world of Destiny 2. Bungie has obviously listened to their crowds and throws in this little extra as a treat to the loyal fans. The mini-game adds a whole new element of collection and competition to a game that already has players knee-deep in god-rolls and armor set collection. Catching the biggest fish is just another way we can all sink even more hours into Destiny 2.

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Season of The Deep has introduced a number of excellent additions to the game, including underwater levels, new characters, and, most importantly, PlayStation-themed armor sets. The PlayStation Destiny 2 crossover has players decked out in some of their favorite PlayStation-exclusive outfits. The games selected for the new lineup of gear are god of war, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon. It’s good to see that Sony has an active hand in their new acquisition of Bungie.

For anyone looking to get out there and fish, the initial missions of the new season need to be completed. On completion, a bait box is acquired. Bait is loaded into the box when seasonal and public events are completed. Your guardian can visit spots all over the galaxy, casting their hook into the fishing ponds marked on the map. I’m glad Bungie is using their Sony money for important new updates. I hope to see more of the same, maybe a cooking mini-game?

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