Destiny 2 Players Are Complaining That the Exotic Fish Weapon, Wicked Implement, isn’t Worth It

Destiny 2 Players Are Complaining That the Exotic Fish Weapon, Wicked Implement, isn't Worth It
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If you don’t want to spend your real-world hours hoping to get not one but three Exotic fish in Destiny 2’s boring fishing minigame only to get Wicked Implement, then you’re not alone. Destiny 2 Season 21’s most exciting content, a secret Exotic quest, just came and went and all we have to show for it is a mediocre Exotic Stasis Scout Rifle called Wicked Implement. Destiny 2 players aren’t happy with this situation — for multiple reasons — not the least of which is how bad Wicked Implement is.

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Everything Wrong With the Wicked Implement Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

There are plenty of reasons why Destiny 2 Season of the Deep’s secret Exotic quest sucks. First, it’s time locked behind weekly rotating fishing spots. Second, it’s locked behind fishing, the most boring activity added to Destiny 2 ever, and RNG. Third, the ultimate reward for your hours wasted fishing is an Exotic Statsis Scout Rifle called Wicked Implement that many players are claiming is awful.

According to TheKingInBlack, a standard Destiny 2 player just like you and me, the community’s feelings about Wicked Implement are made clear. “That gun sucks,” TheKingInBlack says, “Can’t believe they put such a situational none exotic feeling exotic into the game. And mad such a dragged out quest to get it.” Same, TheKingInBlack, same.

On Reddit, Traditional-Newt5652 tried to claim that Wicked Implement is “overhated” on the main Destiny 2 subreddit. As you can imagine, this led to many Destiny 2 players relating with how horrible Wicked Implement currently is and how there are much better weapons and builds to use. One-Resort3825 sums up the community’s stance on people actually thinking Wicked Implement is a good Exotic weapon perfectly in his comment: “Is this bait?”

TheCarthusSandworm says, “Poor damage, long startup, and the same job is accomplished by other weapons better.” FFaFFaNN said, “Hung Jury Adept with Tremors, which is precision like Wicked Implement, is better. One is Legendary and one is Exotic.” -_Galahad came through with a remotely positive comment, “You are enjoying the gun and it’s a good gun. Not a good exotic.”

All of this being said, all is not lost. Many players who put in the hours and enjoyed the Whetstone Deep Dive secret activity believe Wicked Implement just needs a few buffs. Most notably, players hope Wicked Implement goes from a 180 RPM Scout Rifle to a 260 RPM Scout Rifle. Some players’ wishes to take it a step further asking for a Large Mag attachment and a better Catalyst.

Currently, there are no reports of Bungie buffing Wicked Implement, but I think it is in their best interest to make that a priority. Right after making the servers moderately stable, of course. Destiny 2 players waited weeks and grinded cast after cast when fishing just to get Wicked Implement; the least Bungie could do is make it a good Exotic weapon.

– This article was updated on July 7th, 2023

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