Destiny 2 World First Winner for the Root of Nightmares Raid Race Has Officially Been Crowned (Updated)

Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid


And your winner…

Destiny 2’s The Root of Nightmares raid went live today, March 10, 2023, at 9AM PST, and teams have been racing to become the first official group to officially clear it. As of 11:25AM PST, it looks like we’ve finally crowned a winner.

As confirmed by Bungie Roenxd has officially cleared the raid, becoming the winners of the World First race for the Root of Nightmares. The HITP clan fireteam, made up of Roen, Grangalf, Osiris, SK, Punz, and Kai, finished in just over two hours, making it one of the shortest raid races in Destiny 2’s history.

You can check out the full action that took place during the competition below:

  • [11:25AM PST] roenxd has cleared the raid and unofficial won World First. Awaiting verification from Bungie.
  • [11:24AM PST] ATP has wiped during second damage phase. roenxd still DPSing.
  • [11:16AM PST] All_The_Players and roenxd are both on final encounter – they have made it to damage phase.
  • [10:56AM PST] All_The_Player’s team is fighting against the final encounter, which is Nezarec, Final God of Pain.
  • [10:45AM PST] ATP has cleared the third encounter and is moving towards the fourth.
  • [10:23AM PST] Some fireteams have made it to the third encounter and are attempting it.
  • [10:06AM PST] Saltagreppo has cleared the second encounter and is moving onto the third. Currently Saltagreppo is in first place.
  • [9:50AM PST] Sweatcicles and Saltagreppo along with various other teams have made it to the second encounter.
  • [9:30AM PST] Second encounter started by Saltagreppo.
  • [9:27AM PST] First encounter completed by Saltagreppo. Many teams still struggling to complete the first encounter.
  • [9:00AM PST] Raid started on Neptune. Teams set off on the race.

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