Destiny 2’s Secret Exotic Quest Is Locked Behind Fishing, aka the Most Boring Activity

Destiny 2's Secret Exotic Quest Is Locked Behind Fishing, aka the Most Boring Activity
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Apparently, what looks to be a new secret Exotic quest in Destiny 2 is locked behind fishing which is easily the most boring activity in the game. Locking a secret Exotic quest behind fishing is terrible for many reasons, but the main one is that fishing is terribly boring.

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What is the New Secret Exotic Quest n Destiny 2 Season 21?

Though it hasn’t been confirmed that this is a new secret Exotic quest (if this is just a means to completing a secret Triumph, I and many other Destiny 2 players will be furious), There is a new secret Exotic quest that requires you to get each Exotic fish at each fishing spot when that fishing spot is the highlighted one of the week.

So, not only is this secret Exotic quest gatekept by weekly highlighted fishing spots, but also you need really good RNG to even get an Exotic fish.

Yes, max Focused Fishing and fishing with multiple people does increase your chances of getting an Exotic fish, but ever with all that, there is no guarantee you’ll get an Exotic fish after hours of fishing. Plus, you have to deal with the constant Public Events erasing your Focused Fishing progress!

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The fishing secret Exotic quest in Destiny 2 revolves around getting Broken Blades via Exotic fish and then offering the Broken Blades to Hive statues in Deep Dives. There are likely three Broken Blades — one for each Exotic fish found at each location — and when all three are found and offered to the Deep Dive Hive statues, hopefully, you’ll get an Exotic or Exotic quest and not just a “Triumph complete.”

Secret Exotic quests are usually really fun, just look at the Vexcalibur quest and mission, but when they are locked behind the most boring activity Bungie has ever created, people are going to lose interest.

Already on Twitter and Reddit, Destiny 2 players are stating that they’re sitting this one out because fishing is boring, the RNG is awful, and the Public Events ruin the vibe. No Exotic is worth grinding fishing for hours on end in hopes to get an Exotic — and repeating that two more times!

For those trying to complete this secret Exotic quest, I really hope that this is, in fact, a secret Exotic quest that rewards you with something amazing. Otherwise, my advice is to not waste your time — go play a different game.

– This article was updated on June 22nd, 2023

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