Destiny 2’s Terminal Overload is Literally Overloading Some Systems

Destiny 2's Terminal Overload is Literally Overloading Some Systems
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Destiny 2 players have numerous activities to work through in Neomuna but one has been causing consistent crashes, which is certainly not a good look for the new destination. The activity in question is called “Terminal Overload” — one of the new area’s public events. Destiny 2 crashes are never any fun for players so many have taken to forums to discuss the issues that have been plaguing the event.

Whenever Guardians are just beginning their playthrough of Terminal Overload, some are facing a crash less than a few minutes in. Notably, this seems to be more common on PlayStation 5 compared to other platforms according to what we saw on Reddit. A quick search for Terminal Overload in the Destiny Subreddit shows masses of people experiencing a similar issue.

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When players are already frustrated with a subpar story in terms of lore; it is not the best that some can’t even enjoy one of the latest public events in the game without disappointment. It is unknown when or if Bungie will solve these crashing issues but we can only hope that it will be soon. Neomuna may offer a stunning neon-lit city for Guardians — but it’s about time players get a well-performing public event.

The overall location of Neomuna thankfully seems to be performing well on the other hand. Apart from the fact that some enemies are unnaturally overpowered such as the Cabal Thresher ship. This means that when you are working your way through Neomuna you will have to keep an extra eye out for the ship cannons.

Nevertheless, Terminal Overload is a public event that many players will farm so even though they could go and explore other parts of Neomuna to avoid crashes — the point is people shouldn’t have to. Time will tell if Bungie decides to implement a fix for the public event in the future.

– This article was updated on March 6th, 2023

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