Destiny Child, the popular turn-based gacha RPG, is set to end service later this year

Destiny Child, the popular turn-based gacha RPG, is set to end service later this year

Developer ShiftUp has announced that their popular mobile gacha RPG Destiny Child is set to close its doors for good come September 21st of this year. Despite this one being one of the most successful gacha games in recent memory and one that maintained a pretty decent fanbase pretty much at all times, it has run its course after 7 years of service, marking an end to one heck of a run.

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In case you aren’t familiar, Destiny Child is a gacha RPG featuring some really excellent fully 3D visuals both in combat and out, with each character on the roster realized in a striking art style. This in particular was likely the main reason for the game’s success, as the Live3D models for the female characters in particular were loved by those who appreciate the fanservice often found in anime gacha games.


Add in the simple portrait mode turn-based combat and the easy-to-understand systems with plenty of extra content outside of the story mode, and it’s pretty easy to see why the game was able to run so successfully for so many years. Still, as is always the case with everything in this world, mobile games included, nothing lasts forever, and Destiny Child is no exception to that rule.

As for why the game has been shut down, it’s nearly impossible to say as always. Given how old the game is, it’s likely it simply got outclassed by the more modern gacha games with their wild new mechanics, and the game found it too tough to compete.

It’s not all bad news however, as there will be a massive amount of events being held to celebrate the game’s life featuring a look back on all your accomplishments, the story, and many other things that will all be hosted for free.

If you want to partake in these celebrations, you can download Destiny Child for free at either of the links below ahead of that September 21st shutdown date.

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