Devolver Digital “Apologizes” For Kids and Crabs Smoking in Sludge Life 2


Sludge Life 2’s publisher Devolver Digital has issued a statement apologizing for the rather widespread imagery of smoking among various characters in the game. This seems to be the result of an oversight on the publisher’s part, one that should have really been addressed, in part at least, prior to the game’s launch.

Fans aren’t happy with the smoking imagery present in Sludge Life 2, and they’ve made themselves heard on social media. Devolver Digital has issued an apology that seems to sincerely address the biggest mistake while poking fun at the lighter elements in a way everyone expects of the company.

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Devolver Digital Has Apologized for Smoking in Sludge Life 2 Stating, “The Kids Smoking Was Pretty Bad”

Sludge Life 2 launched for PC via Steam earlier this week to resoundingly positive reviews. The first game is somewhat of a cult classic with incredibly edgy themes and out-of-the-box moments that make players pause and laugh out loud. However, the second game seems to be out of touch with the general view towards smoking in 2023. So out of touch, that fans have complained in their drives to publisher Devolver Digital.

The complaints were enough to warrant a response from the publisher. The apology statement is as tongue-in-cheek as any fan should expect from the company: “The kids smoking was pretty bad. The cat smoking was worse. The crab smoking was funny but also bad.” Every paragraph is drenched in sarcasm but still seems to get the point across that the company admits some level of fault.

Without question, the smoking that should not have made it into the released version of Sludge Life 2 is the children’s. A smoking cat and crab fall well within the bounds of fictional and creative license, but game developers need to be much more careful when it comes to children. Devolver Digital’s statement does seem to accept fault on this part, “We will strive to do better in ensuring our games are mostly smoke free. Definitely less kids tuxedo. Again, that was a pretty big oversight.”

We’re unaware of any laws that prohibit smoking, even children smoking, in video games. However, it’s certainly a habit most people are thoroughly against, choosing either not to smoke at all or simply vape. In this case, smoking is a part of the lore of the Sludge Life series and fits well within the world. Based on the response to the level of smoking in the game, though, Devolver Digital will likely pay more attention to it and maybe request that some be cut out in the future.

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