Diablo 4: Best Server Slam Builds

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As the Server Slam for Diablo 4 continues through the weekend, we’re seeing a bit more of what each class can do. While this open beta is built for stress testing the game’s servers, it gives us more time with the classes. Each class has something different and can impact various parts of your experience. If you play with a lighter character such as the Sorcerer, you may have a different time than someone playing a Barbarian. This is why experimenting in Diablo 4 is paramount. There will be a lot going on during the Server Slam, read this guide for the best builds in Diablo 4 you can try this weekend.

Best Server Slam builds in Diablo 4

fire sorcerer build

  • Flickering Firebolt – As you launch flaming bolts at enemies, you’ll be stacking fire damage on them over time. With the upgrade, you get plus 2 mana for each enemy you hit with the Firebolt
  • Greater Fireball – Throwing fireballs cause massive AoE damageupgrading it to this tier adds ten percent more damage directly to the enemy.
  • Mystical Flame Shield – When this activates, you’ll lose all your negative buffs (speed, attacks) you’ll also be immune to attacks as well. Additionally, you’ll burn surrounding enemies. However, this only lasts about 2 seconds. Upgrading to Mystical Flame Shield makes using your spells cheaper, at twenty-five percent less while the shield is active.
  • Enhanced Hydra – This summons a three-headed dragon that shoots out fire. When it’s upgraded to the enhanced tier, you get one more head. However, you must have at least eighty or above in health for this to happen.
  • Mages Firewall – Create a literal firewall that burns enemies for 8 seconds. Mages Firewall adds another 3 seconds when they get hit by the wall of fire.
  • Supreme Inferno – This skill summons a snake that’s on fire and burns enemies for 8 seconds. With the supreme variant active, all fire and pyromancy spells cost zero.
Diablo 4 Sorcerer Selection Screen

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Summoner Necromancer build

  • Raise Skeletons – This allows you to raise mages, warriors, and other types of skeletons, provided corpses are nearby. This is also a fast way to level up quickly during the Sever Slam.
  • Enhanced Decompose – You deal damage plus create a corpse every 2.5 seconds. The enhanced level increases the Essence generated to ten.
  • Hewed Flesh – As you attack, the chances of creating a corpse increase by 4 percent. When facing bumps, that chance doubles.
  • Ghastly Blood Mist – You disperse a bloody mist for 3 seconds. This makes you immune to all attacksand you damage enemies around you. However, your speed is slow by twenty percent. The Ghastly Blood Mist does the base abilities but leaves behind a corpse for every 1 second.
  • Acolyte Reap – Deals damage in front of you. Landing attacks with Reap increases your defense by fifteen percent for 2 seconds. Acoltye’s Reap creates a corpse during the first hit and only summons every 5 seconds.
  • Enhanced Corpse ExplosionCorpes explode around you, and do AoE damage. The enhanced version increases the blast radius by fifteen percent.
Diablo 4 Necromancer Selection Screen

Screenshot via PC Invasion

High-damage Barbarian build

  • Enhanced Lunging Strike – This attack makes you lunge forward and attack the enemy. When it’s upgraded to the enhanced level, your damage increases and your health goes up when you hit an enemy with eighty HP or more.
  • Violent Double Swing – Worn duel-wielding weapons to double the attack in front of you. The violent upgrade, makes enemies vulnerableallowing attack damage to increase.
  • Violent Makes – This causes bleeding damage when you attack enemies in front of you. Bleed damage last over time and can be stacked. In the violent upgrade, the damage is increased to vulnerable enemies.
  • Tactical Challenging Shot – This skill causes all enemy attacks to be reduced. The tactical upgrade gives out more furywhich can give you more options for attacks.
  • mighty leap – Do a jump in the air and slam down, knocking down enemies around you. The Mighty Leap does all that, but it damage enemies on top of knocking them back.
  • Power War Cry – This buffs the party with more damage. When Power War Cry is active, the damage bonus is increased if there are 6 or more enemies nearby.
Diablo 4 Barbarian Selection Screen

Screenshot via PC Invasion

The Server Slam for Diablo 4 is available now through Battle.net.

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