Diablo IV Early Access & Launch Times for All Regions & Live-Action Trailer Revealed

Diablo IV Early Access & Launch Times for All Regions & Live-Action Trailer Revealed

Today Blizzard Entertainment released a new trailer for Diablo IV on top of revealing the early access start times and launch times around the world.

Since two launch trailers (we already got one for gameplay and one for the story) obviously weren’t enough, today we get a third. This time around it’s live-action, shot by Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao of nomadland fame, and co-director Kiku Ohe.

You can check it out below.

Next, we learn about the early access start times for all region, which will happen between June 1 and June 2 depending on where you live.

We also get the launch times for the different region, between June 5 and June 6.

Diablo 4 Launch Times

We also learn from a post on the official website that pre-download will be available on May 30 at 4:00 pm PDT, 7:00 pm EDT or May 21 at 12:00 am BST or 1:00 am CEST depending on where you live.

Here are the instructions for each platform:

windows pc

  • Launch the Battle.net client. If Diablo IV is not already in your Favorites bar, you can add it by clicking on the + icon. Alternatively, you can find Diablo IV by accessing the All Games page. You’ll see Diablo IV at the top of the list.
  • Once you get to the Diablo IV Game Page, click the dropdown menu under Game Version and select the Diablo IV option. Click the blue button that says Install. The game will install and once it’s available, click Play to Launch.
  • Prepare to become the wanderer Sanctuary needs.


  • Launch the Xbox Store and search for Diablo IV. Select Download.
  • Prepare to slay Lilith’s Legions.


  • Launch the Playstation Store and search for Diablo IV. Select Download.
  • Prepare to save Sanctuary’s citizens from unspeakable darkness.

Diablo IV is coming for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on June 6, 2023. The game has already gone gold and you can also check out another recent video about the game, a live-action trailer for the recent beta, set in a deconsecrated church in France.

Recently, Blizzard also shared more details on Diablo 4‘s end game. You can take a look at what awaits at high levels in our dedicated article and read our interview with Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora and Lead Game Producer Kayleigh Calder.

On the topic of customization and balance, you can check out our interview with Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson and Lead Game Producer, Story and Narrative Melissa Corning.

Speaking of the game’s story, we recently saw another dedicated video in which the developers provided more insight, on top of two lore videos, one focusing on the conflict between Heaven and Hell, and another on the creation of Sanctuary.


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