Disney Dreamlight Valley Adds Buzz’s Camper To Premium Shop

Disney Dreamlight Valley Adds Buzz's Camper To Premium Shop

Disney Dreamlight Valley updates items frequently. The Premium shop, which came in one of the last updates, is freshened every week with new items players can claim using their Moonstones. With blue chest spawning in the valley once a day, players can spend them here for some really cool items.

However, the new Preimum shop is a bit pricy if players don’t have a bunch of Moonstones collected. The developers have added the option to purchase additional Moonstones in different priced bundles, and while it has been met with mixed emotions, it does offer a solution for those needing extra funds.

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Buzz’s Camper Is Available In Premium Shop

In the most recent item rollover in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Premium Shop, including Lion King-themed backpacks for player avatars. The Simba, Timon, and Pummba packs cost 2,250 Moonstones while the Hyena and Rafiki packs cost 1,500 Moonstones.

Additionally, fans can pick up special items based on the Toy Story Realm – the “Wanderer” Kitchen Set. The little white and blue kitchen costs 1,500 and comes with counters and various items inspired by Buzz Lightyear’s RV, according to the Twitter post shared by DisneyDLV.

Fans can also pick up the Whimsical Pink Companion Pack 1 for 2,000 Moonstones, to get ahold of some unique critter companions with a glowing aura. While expensive, they definitely don’t look like anything players will find scampering around the many biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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The Buzz Lightyear Camper house items will only be available for 6 days before they leave the Premium shop. Because of this, those wanting any of the unique kitchen items for their Disney Dreamlight Valley home collections will want to grab them before the week is over.

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