Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Wins The Race With SugarRush Furniture

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally welcoming in a new character from the movie Wreck-It-Ralph, Vanellope, which will be speeding into the valley in the next update, along with DreamSnaps. Fans are very excited to have this adorable little princess exploring their valley, especially after it seems even more candy-themed items were added to the game. However, one player doesn’t seem to want to wait for those candy-themed items to start making their own new furniture.

A DDV player used the latest furniture magic cool design to make their own SugarRush-themed room, and it is beautiful. Not only do they think it’s great, fans in the community seem to agree and have been showing their appreciation.

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Player Shares Pictures of SugarRush-Themed Room In DDV

The room is covered in a plethora of different SugarRush items, including the flooring, and a really cute pink wallpaper. All the rest of the items are handmade by the magic tool designer, meaning the user pieced together each item in this collection, making them unique. This is probably why fans have latched onto the design when it was shared online.

Not only did they get the colors of Vanellope down perfectly, but they also added so many candy and cookie designs to each piece, as well as some pixelized hearts, which only added to how fitting this room would be for the little racer.

Players in the comments went on to share how this user’s post really inspired them, not only to make furniture based on their favorite Disney movie but also for other fandoms and characters they love as well.

The post comes just in time for the new DreamSnaps update, inspiring players to get in there and create some of their own cosmetics to share with others. This is exactly what the update is about, allowing users to vote on the designs other players have made when they share them in-game.

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Currently, players are able to fully customize an assortment of items such as beds, benches, and dressers, though there are even more items that can then be used outside. This is where the player base shows a lot of their creativity already, but the DreamSnaps update is going to double down on that and make DDV a far more creative online space to explore.

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