Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Line Pockets With New Moonstone Mechanic

Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Line Pockets With New Moonstone Mechanic

Another Disney Dreamlight Valley update is here with a new feature that players can benefit from by filling their pockets full of Moonstones to help their spending addiction in the Premium Shop. Players recently have expressed their frustrations with the game having high prices for Moonstones in their bundles and how it makes it difficult for them to purchase exclusive items.

The Premium Shop items only cost Moonstones, which limits players from purchasing all the items unless they buy the bundles with real money. Other DDV players are trying to save up their Moonstones from the blue chest, but Gameloft Montreal is keeping their players in mind and bringing forth a cool feature for players to save up quicker.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Introduces What Is Called DreamSnaps

Gameloft Montreal announced on Twitter a new Disney Dreamlight Valley update called “DreamSnaps,” which will allow players to make more Moonstones. This new DreamSnaps update is basically what everyone would guess; it involves taking pictures.

A list was shared in the tweet saying that players would be able to submit a photo in the weekly challenges, which will grant them extra Moonstones. The studio also explained how they feel that DreamSnaps will make players’ time in the Valley even more rewarding, and it will be receiving many updates over the coming months.

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DDV players will rejoice knowing they can soon collect more Moonstones to fill their pockets for items in the Premium Shop. Gameloft Montreal is listening to their fans and working hard to ensure the community DDV is pleased with their actions. The exact release date of DreamSnaps update has not been announced yet, but it will be out soon.

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