DMZ Player’s Discovery Makes It Easy To Be The Most Annoying Warzone Player Ever

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The most annoying tactic there is.

Warzone’s DMZ extraction mode has been immensely popular with a portion of the player base since it launched in late 2022. While there’s huge variance in the missions players can complete and the items they need to extract with, the majority of tasks center around finding and extracting with a valuable item. That’s why the exfil helicopter is so important.

The helicopter is essentially players’ safe passage out of whichever exclusion zone they find themselves in. In Warzone Season 4, that’s one of Building 21, Al Mazrah, Ashika Island or Vondel. You just need to find your way to an exfil location, call in the chopper and survive through to its arrival. It’ll then airlift you and your contraband to safety. It might not be that simple anymore, though.

Exfil Helicopter in Warzone DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

On June 24, one Redditor revealed that, when enemies are exfiling in the chopper, it’s possible to shoot them through the floor.

You’ll need a powerful ranged weapon – like a RPK – and to lay down accurate fire. It’ll take some sustained shooting as well because the bottom of the chopper acts as a buffer, meaning your shots won’t be doing full damage. If you hit enough you will get the elimination and stop a successful exfil.

Exfil Screen in Warzone DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

The post garnered a lot of attention, with some players jokingly asking why such “forbidden knowledge” would be shared. Another

It’ll certainly be annoying if you’re one of the unlucky extractors killed as you make your break for freedom. However, it’s entirely fair to target enemies whatever point of the game they find themselves at.

It also appears that – even when downed and eliminated on an exfil chopper – players can be revived by teammates. One player reported that they missed the exfil chopper but their teammate made it. After being killed on their way out, the player found their body and loot having fallen out of the exfil chopper. They revived the teammate and exfiled again, together.

We’ll leave this one up to your discretion – it’s a bit like eliminating an enemy player and then deciding whether or not to accept their plea for help.

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