Doctor Who: Lost in Time launches, bringing back the iconic franchise on Android and iOS as an idle game

Doctor Who: Lost in Time launches, bringing back the iconic franchise on Android and iOS as an idle game

The universe is in peril and who better to call for help than The Doctor? East Side Games Group has just announced the global release of the idle mobile game, Doctor Who: Lost in Time. They have partnered with BBC Studios to bring the iconic franchise for Android and iOS to take players on a thrilling adventure through space and time.

Doctor Who: Lost in Time comes to mobile as a result of a multi-year partnership between BBC Studios and ESGG. The legendary franchise, which has been around since 1963 has been a fan-favorite of multiple generations. Both new and old fans will be able to enjoy all the classic and more recent stories in this narrative-driven title.

Players take on the role of The Doctor, as he embarks on an adventure through space and time, trying to uncover a conspiracy against him. The journey may be new, but players will visit classic locations from the series and take on fearsome and iconic villains such as the Cybermen and the Daleks.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not just enemies that The Doctor will encounter. A lot of friendly and familiar faces will also pop up throughout the story. Not just them, but there are multiple incarnations of the Doctor, his allies, and location from the various era of Doctor Who to collect as well.

The TARDIS isn’t in the best of conditions either and players will have to power up their Waypoints to keep the time machine functional. Using mysterious resources like Vortex Energy found in space, multiple powerful bonuses can be unlocked while upgrading the collection.

Doctor Who is a globally loved franchise with a massive fan following. You can experience what it’s like to save the universe in a police box time machine by downloading Doctor Who: Lost in Time now for free.

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