Does Diablo IV Beta have crossplay?

Does Diablo IV Beta have crossplay?

For decades the console wars drove gamers mad, but these days, players just want to know if they can enjoy their favorite video games with their PC or Playstation friends. The same goes for Diablo IV. This popular dungeon-crawler franchise has an active multiplayer community but never had crossplay capabilities before. Will Diablo IV be able to play together across all platforms or are you and your friends restricted to the same console?

Can you crossplay in Diablo IV?

Luckily for gamer friend groups with platform diversity, Diablo IV has crossplay. A party of four PC players can defeat Lilith just as easily as two PlayStation lovers, a PC builder, and an Xbox fan. Not only will the final product have crossplay, but also the Diablo IV Beta period will, too.

However, early access and beta players beware: like many games when they’re in beta, Diablo IV servers are taking a beating. So, unsurprisingly, cross-platform fans trying to play together will have an even harder time keeping a connection to the server without running into error codes. Just don’t rage-throw your controller into your TV if crossplay is a little more difficult during the beta period. In time, though, Diablo IV crossplay will hopefully be smooth, comfortable, and fun for everyone involved.

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How do you play Diablo IV across platforms?

All you need to engage in crossplay with your Playstation, PC, or Xbox friends is access to your Battlenet accounts. Once in your Battlenet accounts, friend each other so that you can see when each of you is online, no matter the platform. Then, when everyone is signed in and Battlenet friends, you can invite each other to your Diablo IV game and defeat the forces of evil together. However, just like all Diablo multiplayer, know that if you’re playing story mode, only the host’s story progression will count. Everyone else’s games will still be on the same mission that they left off on. Only your experience points and loot will travel back to your game with you.

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