Does Jedi Survivor have multiplayer or co-op?

Jedi Survivor Star Wars Does Have Multiplayer Co Op Online Pvp

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor already ranks as one of the higher profile game launches of 2023, and it sounds like a massive adventure based on what we know about it so far. If you’re thinking about getting it, you probably want to know if Jedi: Survivor is exclusively single-player or if it does have a few multiplayer and co-op options tacked on.

You also may want to know if you need to play Jedi: Fallen Order to understand Jedi: Survivor.

Does Jedi Survivor have multiplayer or co-op?

The answer is that Jedi: Survivor is an exclusive single-player game. There are no multiplayer modes like PvP, nor is there any co-op.

This will understandably come as disappointing news for those who prefer social experiences. Many modern games incorporate social elements into the gameplay, whether it be co-op campaign, separate co-op missions, or PvP. However, the Jedi franchise from Respawn Entertainment remains a single-player series for now.

There are various reasons why not every game out there has co-op. The short explanation is that co-op and PvP add more to development costs, add complexity to the programming, and can even cause a lot of issues with how the gameplay balancing works.

star wars jedi survivor gameplay multiplayer mode co-op campaign

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn decided to stick with the same formula that made Jedi: Fallen Order so popular. The sequel is all about adding to the adventure and refining the original experience. It’s likely for the better that Respawn skipped on multiplayer, too. Adding such modes could of delayed the game, caused technical issues, or pulled resources away from creating a quality core experience.

The idea of ​​multi-player and co-0p in Jedi: Survivor definitely sounds exciting, and may be something we see in a third game or DLC, but Respawn does not currently have any plans for either mode and we should not expect any announcements. For now, you’ll have to set aside any dreams of lightsaber duals with your friends in Jedi: Survivor.

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