Dr Disrespect Shares Primary Concern for THE FINALS Despite Closed Beta Praise

Screengrab of Dr Disrespect on YouTube livestream


The Final(s) problem.

Never one to shy away from sharing a mustache-fueled opinion, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has weighed in on the upcoming FPS The Finals following the game’s Closed Beta release in March 2023. The title, developed by Embark Studios for PC and consoles, has amassed considerable attention ahead of its full launch.

One of the streamer and content creators to drop into its futuristic action has been Dr Disrespect, who has been pleasantly surprised by its slick movement and smooth weapon mechanics.

However, in a March 9 YouTube livestream, he outlined his primary concern for the game, explaining that it needs to “evolve” past what it currently is to ensure that it has a long-term future in the saturated FPS space.

He said: “I tell you man the game actually feels good. It’s got a good feel to it… I had a good time. Obviously there are a couple of tuning situations but that’s all part of this whole Closed Beta… I’d be curious to see how this game sort of evolves.

“Now this is just my feedback – love the agility, the movement. I’d be curious to see how this game evolves in regards to the game mode. Because I think that’s gonna be something that needs to evolve in order to retain some sort of progression [and] long-term interest.”

Timestamp: 25:35

Continuing, he suggests the game leans more heavily into its similarities with Apex Legends and emulates the competitive nature of Respawn’s battle royale.

He finished: “You can tell they’re really inspired by Apex… it’s almost like a hybrid between Battlefield and Apex on smaller maps. It’ll be interesting. But long term, how does the game evolve and continue to grow?”

The Closed Beta was a resounding success for Embark Studios, with the devs even releasing a statement on March 9 to thank so many players for delving into their upcoming title. There is not yet a confirmed release date for the title.

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