Dr. Stone New World Gets Spring Release Date & New Trailer

Dr. Stone New World Gets Spring Release Date & New Trailer


New world, same stone problems.

The latest installment of the Dr. Stone anime has received a new trailer, and it offers a firm release date for the upcoming cour’s first episode.

Streamed by Toho Animation and Crunchyroll on Mar. 12, the trailer serves as a teaser for what will occur in the upcoming season with bits of animation and clips from the story. It also closes out with the reveal that the series will premiere on Apr. 6 in both Japan and via simulcasting thanks to Crunchyroll, locking it in for the Spring 2023 anime season.

The trailer kicks off with Senku making the declaration that they’ll need Platinum to create a nearly unending supply of revival fluid. As luck would have it, a far off island could hold such a supply, meaning they’ll need to sail off and explore this far off locale in order to see if it can provide them with the material they need.

Though Senku and his allies are excited at this prospect, things quickly turn say once they reach the island. A new foe appears to intercept them, and through some unknown means turns everyone aboard their vessel back into stone statues. How this is done and why remains a mystery, but it’s clear that Senku will have another battle of wits and science on his hands.

It’s a brief but detail-packed trailer, and the show’s trademark style is put front and center even in the most modestly animated segments. fans will definitely want to check it out in its entirety down below.

Dr. Stone New World is set to begin airing on Apr. 5 via Crunchyroll, and those interested can currently view its first two seasons and Ryuusui special on the streaming platform. For more on the series, check out any of the related links down below.

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