Dragon POW!, Flow Entertainment’s bullet hell RPG, enters open beta on Google Play

Dragon POW!, Flow Entertainment's bullet hell RPG, enters open beta on Google Play

Flow Entertainment and Boltray Games have just announced their latest project, Dragon POW!, a bullet hell shooter RPG for mobile. Currently, a beta version of the game is available on Google Play in specific regions, including Europe, America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. The beta period is expected to last for approximately 30 days.

In Dragon POW!, players will step into the shoes of Sig, a young Dragon Knight hailing from the vast continent of Kros, which is under the tyrannical rule of the Devil. This nefarious villain has plagued the entire land and Sig – alongside Ale, the last surviving Dragonling – must defeat the Devil and take back all of Kros’ stolen riches.


Going toe-to-toe with the Devil is no easy task, but having a little dragon by your side will surely prove beneficial. Ale, like any other of its kind, will keep growing throughout the game as it devours other creatures and evolves. The journey will also reveal to Sig certain secrets about the draconic continent and its lords that were hoped to never be found.

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In terms of gameplay, Dragon POW! is supposed to be a bullet hell shooter, which it is, albeit with a twist. The dragon is the perfect buddy as it acts in both defensive and offensive capacities, absorbing bullets and fighting back by devouring bosses. They will keep getting stronger as players evolve and upgrade them.

As players traverse around Kros, they will come across dragons representing one of five elements: Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Poison. Like Pokémon, enemies can be encountered and significantly damaged using the right elements. Throw a few unique skills into the mix and it’s the perfect recipe to create chaos.

Dragon POW!’s beta lets players choose from several maps having distinctive environments, each with its own ferocious boss. Check out the game by clicking on the link below.

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